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Heucheras?: I have a (long-abandoned) border which is north-facing though it gets a little late-afternoon sun, at the base of an expanse of (stone) house-wall. It's actually the "entrance view" visitors get of the house so I'd like to make it more welcoming. The previous owner, obviously once a keen gardener though terminal illness made her give it up, clearly used to grow a row of heuchera here (I don't know which variety, it has mottled green leaves and flowers which are strong pink - this covers many varieties I know!) Despite the depredations of the Man with the Mower and years of neglect some plants still survive and flower each year. Does this mean I could try to (re-)make a more adventurous heuchera bed here? Some of the coloured-leaf varieties would look beautiful against our Limousin stone walls... Thanks for advice!



Sounds a bit like Firefly Monjardinira. Especially if it is an older variety. Look up the plantagogo site and check it out there. Vicki calls this a 'heritage heuchera'. It is very easy to split and produce fresh young plants. The plantagogo site tells you if a given illustrated plant is shade tolerant and to what degree. Also use Google image to ID if Firefly is surviving in your garden.

18 Sep, 2012


thanks dorjac many thanks I'll pursue this

18 Sep, 2012

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