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Pruning a apple tree HELP:)))


By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hi all just wondered if anyone could tell me if its to early to prune a 2 year old apple tree?.This will also be its first time.Any help will be greatly appreciated:)))



I would guess you see a lot of 'spindly growth' its this that wants pruning down to what is know as the 'basal cluster'

This is often a distinct cluster of leaves rather than the pair further up the shoot!

The spindly growth wants to be cut down to just above this cluster.

In the event you cant see a cluster, then count about six pairs of leaves above the point where the new growth started and cut here!

If you could take a picture of the tree and a close up of the new growth before you prune then if it is any different I will tell you!

Meanwhile this link and its associated links might clarify things a bit more!

14 Sep, 2012


Also in the winter in February before any new growth starts....look at the shape of the developing tree and neaten it up. Called winter pruning Mark.

15 Sep, 2012


Hi Teegee,thank you so much for your information.I have now added some pictures if this helps.Just wondering if you dont mind what is the black spots on the leaves?I have tried blackspot spray but to no avail.Thank you again:)))) Regards mark

Hi Dorjac thank you so much for this information i will certainately do that in february.Thank you again :))))Regards mark

15 Sep, 2012

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