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Angus, Scotland Sco

Winter already?Has anyone else noticed Viburnum Tinus and Bodnantense in flower far too early along with Hellebores? Do you think this could be down to very low light levels during June and July?



My Viburnum Tinus is certainly flowering, I thought it might be to do with how cold most of the summer has been? Miserable when the light is poor at the best of times.

14 Sep, 2012


Ah, good..not just mine then! It's a pity though as they won't be flowering in March when we really need them! Cold and light combined I guess Drc. I read/heard somewhere that plants native to Cooler parts respond more to light levels, whereas plants native to warmer climes respond more to temps. That's why I thought low light levels, but it certainly was cold as well! Not as cold as it is now though!

14 Sep, 2012


My Viburnam Bodnantese Dawn is flowering - although not profusely - and has been for about a month now. I don't know what triggers flowering but as Drc says, the light has been in short supply here too, but it has been warm in the main.
Some things seem to have done better than ever this year in my garden, such as Japanese Anemone, whilst others have been pretty poor. My green echinacea hasn't even started to flower yet! Don't know whether it's my fault or the weather.

14 Sep, 2012


Oh, well Merlin I certainly can't help you there. I've never been able to grow those lovely Echinaceas. They just die on me every time. Given up completely on them now! Hope it does flower for you eventually, the green ones are spectacular!

14 Sep, 2012

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