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I think i've "killed" my beautiful indoor azalea! Went off for a few days break, without watering it, when i came back it was completely dry.Have givenit a good soaking , but 3 days on, it still looks "sad" also leaves are falling off at a rate of knots!! any suggestions?



You may not have killed it but the 'leaf drop' is certainly attributed to the drying out of the roots.

Once the leaves have gone thats it until the following season.

Personally I would stick it outdoors and leave it there until the first frosts then I would fetch it indoors then perhaps it will start up again!

Its worth a try!

12 Sep, 2012


I agree with Teegee. My indoor Azalia got too dry some years ago. I repotted in a a slightly larger pot and put it on the patio near the easy to water. Now it is 2 foot across and coming into flower. It has taken a long time to get back to this state of flowering but well worth it. I have to say it is now in quite a large pot.

13 Sep, 2012


Thank you Dorjac & Teegee, would both of you recommend repotting, if so what sort of compost?


13 Sep, 2012


Ericaceous compost Gralew for acidic soil loving plants. These plants are often offered in small pots. It is not expected that anyone will try to keep them once they have stopped flowering. So a BIT more room in the pot, and, fresh compost, may help an azalia to recover from drying out.

13 Sep, 2012

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