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Ok. my mother ( who I TRY to listen to ), has always told me not to cut back the greenery of the daffodil plant- but to let them turn yellow and die down – that the bulb is getting nutrients stored for the next spring.
Great and wonderful but that makes my pansies, and other plants not to mention my flowerbed look awful. Any truth to that??? I have noticed that landscapers ( professional) in the area do not have leftover reminders of the dafffy.

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hi, a lot of people just turn the greenery down and tie them in, think this is to neaten the beds.

25 May, 2008


Maybe you're trying to be too neat and tidy, - too prim and proper. Nature isn't like that. Try planting the bulbs between something that will grow to hide the dying daff leaves, or between some shrubs so they won't be noticed too much.

25 May, 2008


In this case, Mum IS right! If you cut off or tie up the leaves, it will also stop the bulbs getting the nutrient for next year, I am afraid. It's not recommended for long life for your bulbs. Memo for future daff growing - plant them where it doesn't matter leaving the leaves to die back undisturbed!

25 May, 2008


They are right and of course so is Mom. The landscapers don't care because they will replace them next year and of course charge the customer for it. There is nothing wrong with this but those people are paying for the service and want everything to look perfect.

25 May, 2008


Glad you clarified this point, thought it was the case, but I have just trimmed down some leaves on mine but only a few and I didnt actually plant them so not too worried, might think about digging them up though if I get a moment and putting them in a pot perhaps.

26 May, 2008


I compromise by trimming the stem, as it looks rather ugly without the flower, and leaving the leaves. It doesn't have that magazine garden look with the dying leaves, but the bulbs are healthier and put on a nice show again next spring.

27 May, 2008


Grammazoo I always remove the flower head stem as well and as for the other leaves they don't look too out of place in the borders so I always leave them

27 May, 2008

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