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Spring work etc


Spring started here early. Actually it still was March! We bought a brandnew bbq and hub had to put it together. But he’s not a technical sort of person. So it took a little while. I STILL have to read the directions and the warnings so we won’t be blown up by misuse of the propane tabs etc.

Then we had a disagreement. Hub wants to keep to the letter of the law, so to speak and I am typically me. OOOOooh, don’t be such a stuffshirt. It doesn’t look good there, we’re just going to put it here.. Oh no, no good. So hub has ended up building an small extension to the veranda where the bbq is going to be placed. As well as renewing the staircase to the garden.

It all is looking quite good. Except now he’s got the perfectionistic artist eye going. So the whole thing, old and new parts are all going to be stained a cedar colour…. and I should know better than open my big mouth.. Here I thought by giving him credit where credit was due.. for him to spoil it all by saying that HE wasn’t going to do it all by himself.. but that I was to help him stain as well!!

I KNEW it!! I KNEW it!! When we met, way back when. I should NEVER have shown him the pieces of furniture which I had purchased on the cheap and had myself fixed up. What a mistake THAT was…. cause the times, that I was made to be conviced that I could give a helping hand as well, to the sanding and the painting and the staining, I can’t count on my 2 sets of hands at all, any longer.

Soooo, NOW am hazzled about it again! ah well, such is life. After all, when we married, I was not swift and did promise, for better and for worse…. and the staining and painting… is the worst. hahahaha

Anyway, at least he’s giving me a break, in that he’s not going to fix the front raised garden… Not until next year, if I succeed that is. As we’re going to get a fixing uppers from the coop management..

a New powderroom fixes and bathroom fixes…. and I have to remove the wallpaper off the bathroom walls.

Then all the cabinets which I had purchased in the past to put my supply of make up, skin care and bathcare in. have to come off….

NEVER become an estitician or make up artist. cause one can end up like ME. a Store in house… although, this little store room or rather supply of mine, has come in handy for sudden gift givings though! hahaha

pfff. and then we’re going to dispose of all those things, which we or rather I don’t need any more.

In the Nls people have a name for it. It means to disassociate oneself of old treasures… or to distance oneself of old ’’treasures’’ hihihi

ah well, with diving into old supplies, that have been kept for when times are hard again, are bringing up some goodies though.

Old duvet covers, which are still in good shape and of good quality, can now be used to cover new garden chairs.. Then I found old batting pieces, from old left over quilts… Just have to purchase foam pieces to make the seating cushions.

In the meantime, plants are coming up in the garden, but I hesitate to dig out the rosebushes.. WHAT IF we get yet another blizzard… I have NEVER forgotten that blizzard at the end of June 1969…

We all went to work.. in our summer clothes, for Summer was here already anyway… Only for some of us, to look up, at the window and to our horror to discover…… a first class blizzard.

And here we were, in our summer sundresses, our spagetti strap shoes… no coat…

ME? aaah, I was still in those stages, that the Tropics hadn’t left me blood. So I had as always, brought along a pair of shoes, which would cover me feet, a pair of socks and me Dutch spring coat.. I was NEVEr sooo happy as to have that with me on that day.. Still it was, dreadfully cold. That I am still alive to tell this tale? aaah, never mind… some don’t count them nor myself lucky. hahaha

Mind you, I had to wait, for hub to get some more wood pieces and what do I find but a lovely lovely book…… these are supposedly little sheds, but made into little guesthouses, Mom’s special hide aways of sitting room for her to veg in….

and there was the ONE little house…. Glass all around.. roof also glass… and tis a bedroom in the bush/wilds… well NOW, WE have got 14 acres of wilderness… soo sooo…. am going to buy this for fathersday for the hub, HE will feel inspired and he’ll have 2 years to come up with a building plan for our land….. aaaah, can you all see us? lying in a little glass house, being able to watch all the wildlife, pass us by, not knowing that they’re being spied at… while lying in bed… don’t fear.. my hub? believes in being safe at all times. He sleeps with an ax underneath his side of the bed… and another one, behind his pillow against teh wall. hihi, I always pester him about, being a barbarious Canadian… YET, having to go to bed with an ax….

mmm I wonder if this is the pre amble for ax murder in the glass house…

just as well, I have him heavily insured… one never KNOWS! right? hihi

I am not worth much.. just enough to spread me ashes at any pile around this globe… sooo. Tis ONLY the hubs in this country, which are heavily insured by their wives.. Trust me, I KNOW, I used to work for a life insurance company.. my oh my, not worth much when alive, but when they’re dead? …. hihi, this reminds me to those adverts, which are seen at the postoffices in the United States, in the old days: dead or alive.. worth X number of dollars…. the worst they wore, the most the reward….

hihi.. what an analogy? is that the word for it?
ah well, what does one want with a dizzy brainless… chatterbox
Little Ol’ me… powderbrush

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