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Mushroom for Indy to identify


Indy offered to help identify some mushrooms I saw growing near my house. If they are what he thinks they are, I am in for some yummy tasting food!
I thought I’d make this a blog, as then I can put the photo’s together for identification!

One freshly broken in half.

The underside.

How they look when ‘going over’.

So it’s over to you Indy…..edible or not?

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I was watching about fungi last night did you know it is neither animal or plant, it is a life source of its own. David Attlebourgh program.

20 Nov, 2009


I didn't know that Morgana.....I usually watch David Attenborough too! Missed that one. I don't know much at all about fungi, except that I like eating them!

20 Nov, 2009


Me too Pottygardener one thing you eat out of 8 which makes you live longer.

20 Nov, 2009


I haven't heard that.....what are the other 7? Garlic?....onions?

20 Nov, 2009


Whole meal bread , broccili veg, fruit beef, yoghurt or egg, fish , garlic its the 8 chemicles in these foods. providing they are all organic not gm . they are mainly in these foods.

20 Nov, 2009


Good idea for a blog DottyG...I worked on a mushroom farm for 10 years so always pleased to see my fungi!!

20 Nov, 2009


Thanks Fluff...there's been a lot of fungi about this year.

20 Nov, 2009


im surprised beef morgana as it takes longer to digest, i cant eat it sets IBS off, it rots in the gut, unlike other meats, love mushrooms though

21 Nov, 2009


Yes its the nutients or what ever it contains like the broccili etc

21 Nov, 2009


Sorry PG been busy and not seen your blog good photos of it by the way, but it is difficult to tell from them what colour the flesh is , is it as white as it loks or is it tinged violet at all, have you tried to take a spore print?
It is very like a Blewit but the final picture with the cap waving up like it does gives me pause, It is an old specimin and also remarkably free of worm damage, I'm inclined to think it is a Blewit (which 'm not sure) there are three all are good to eat though Question; when you break it does it smell at all and if so of what? Lepista Irina smells slightly of iris or violets. Try to find a young one as in the pic I originally saw and see if it matches any of the criteria I mentioned in my comment then and do try to take a spore print if you can.
Almost certain it is but that is NOT ENOUGH of an identification to justify anyone eating one, you must be entirely sure before doing that, having said that there are remarkably few that are actually poisonous to any serious degree, most are just not worth the eating as they are tough or their flavour is not palletable, some may make suceptable people sick (vomitting0 other than that they as a food group are fairly harmless.
The DANGEROUS ones are fairly unmistakable the worst poisoning cases coming from picking them at a stage where they are impossible to check properly as at the "egg" stage of some of them, where mistakes are easily made and sometimes tragic.
Yours though I am CERTAIN will not prove to be one of the above none look at all like that, at worst it will be tough and tasteless, find me another couple of younger ones and I'll check them again for you but in the mean time don't bother eating them to find out. Heavy rain can often wash colour out of mushrooms so either wait for some drier weather and look again or remember where they grew for next year and we will take another look then. K!
If you do a spore print do it on dark paper as well as white to check the difference and be sure of the colour, do you have a microscope in your house by any chance?
Hope this helps a bit but its best to be safe!!!

22 Nov, 2009


Difficult to find younger ones now Indy, I have seen several clusters of these in different places around here but all are older looking and beaten up! They had a violet tinge when fresh, but I had never split one or looked underneath it until you asked for that.
If I see a young one I will do the things you suggest, smell, spore print etc. otherwise I'll just wait for next year!
Thanks for your time and help anyway! It's been a learning experience.... :o))

23 Nov, 2009


You can do a spore print on an old one just as well, if you look where you find the old ones carefully shifting leaf litter and grass you may be suprised to find more on the way, Blewits are a late mushroom and will reccur right into winter if the weathers reasonably mild they will even come again after a light frost or 2. Its one of the reasons you can identify them as very few can/will do so, if they were violet then I'm convinced enough to eat them, but the older ones will be quite tough by the stage in your photo. your original pic was sooo good it screamed Blewit at me as soon as I saw it , the only prob was the colour rendering across the interfret its not reliable enough but given a violet hue to it it would have been straight in my frying pan with some scrambled eggs.
If no more show play safe and wait for next years crop though ok
much love from me and be sure ,I will not be held responsible for mistakes take the time to find a good mushroom guide,
Pm me if you like as youre in Powys maybe I could pop over some time and show you my book and give you a few tips on collecting ,keep finding em and photoing them though and maybe we will be able to put a guide in GOYPEDIA, I see your blogs made it in , someone got there before I did on that one well done you!

23 Nov, 2009


Smiling like a Cheshire cat here....getting in GoYpedia, praise from you for getting in......offers of meeting up ~ that's really nice of you. :o))
Good idea about a guide for GoYpedia too....I have several photos of different fungi from other years too.
I would certainly not hold you responsible if I were to eat the wrong thing...I won't eat anything until I'm sure anyway! I will visit the library and look for a guide book.

24 Nov, 2009


Good !!! Smiling is a good thing !!!!

25 Nov, 2009

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