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On Thursdays I work for my son. When we have finished he gives me a lift to the car park where I leave my van. Whilst waiting for him to manoeuvre the car so I could get in I was lost in my own thoughts and just staring into space. Then I looked upwards. What I saw amazed me, and I had to question why I had not noticed this before. This is Wales and there are lots of hills. The land surrounding us was a lot higher than where we were standing and against the skyline was a number of properties and their gardens. One in particular was surrounded by a very large tiered garden, carefully tended with immaculate lawns and colourful borders. For 4 months I have been doing that and never noticed it. It made me question myself, how much have I missed out on seeing because, I guess that like most people, I walk along just looking at eye level or at the ground so I don’t trip up! Only when I am ‘out for a walk’ do I look all around me. So now, even in town, I look up. The buildings, the architecture, the planters on peoples walls and window ledges, the birds on roofs, the buddlia that somehow rooted itself in the cracks of an old stone building. All were new to me!
So if you don’t do it already, look up when you are out and about. You may be surprised by what you see!

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how very true. most of the time is spent rushing around and not noticing half the beauty of what is around us.

20 Jul, 2008


Great blog. Makes one stop and think. I will definitly start looking upwards :) This is the same as taking the time to smell the roses...

20 Jul, 2008


It's a question of using your eyes - flowers and trees look different from different angles and in different light. You are right - look up as well as down and enjoy what you see!

20 Jul, 2008


Great to read your Blog.Gardens are superb for raising all the senses as well as feeding the imagination and soul.

20 Jul, 2008


May bump into a lampost =) !lol.

15 Aug, 2009


he he...there is that danger! :o)

16 Aug, 2009


You also find cobwebs that you hadn't realized were there! All the local spiders must have come in and spun all their webs on my ceilings today....he he

13 Sep, 2009

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