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Reading Marguerite’s blog and seeing her description of the grass there which reminded me of Goa, I decided on this grey, chilly, wet Sunday to bring out some sunshine and so took a look at my photo’s from Goa. Our trip to the Spice Farm was interesting and enlightening. Being into the natural way of things I liked hearing what each of the plants and spices have in the way of medicinal or health-giving properties. Some I was aware of, others not. I learnt that curry leaves help diabetes, which with the history of that in my family was of interest. I later found out that an Indian friend of ours in the UK eats curry leaves every day as part of his usual diet, and his diabetes has always stayed ‘under control’. Interesting! More interesting is the fact that he didn’t know of the connection, he was just eating his traditional food!
Need another holiday now to replace the spices I bought back with me! Shame…LOL!

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You sound like me on holiday, Potty. never far from plants and food! Lovely, eductaional pics from Goa.

6 Jul, 2008


Hello Pottygardener,
First of all I want to tell you what a lovely picture this one is, such good contrast and so delicate. I am an ignorant woman, I do not know what it is and where Goa is. The berries look a bit like coffee, but the leaves don't to me.
Anyway, you are talking about herbs and plants, beneficial to our health. Very interesting. I have read about some of that too, and there really is nothing like adding the fresh herbs and spices to your dinner, rather than the dried varieties. We live in a lucky country, where many different climates provide just about anything under the sun, all from our own soil. Our supermarket is a wonderful spot where you can buy fresh herbs and spices, fruit and vegies, exotic ones included. I just believe perhaps like you, that fresh, clean air and sunshine provide the basic ingredient to healthy plants, who not only mature naturally but also are better than so many grown in hothouses. I always eat plenty of fresh vegies, fruit, etc. myself and I must add, I am still very healthy. I wonder where David saw your pics from Goa, I must find out and look at them too. I am always interested in different places, and what better way than visiting them from your desktop.
Seeyou, M.

7 Jul, 2008

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