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Serious growing frenzy.


I know I haven’t written anything for a while but my garden is growing like a jungle at the moment. We’ve had so much rain here especially it seems when I am off work. When I’m at work the weather is always glorious. I am going to have some serious pruning to do or the foliage will completely close in on itself. Areas that I thought were a bit sparse are now desperately over planted like my Fern and Hosta corner. I also have a young wild rabbit who has taken a liking to one of my roses and I don’t know if it’ll recover. In the front garden I have a dwarf, grafted flowering cherry and the runners it produces from the roots are driving me mad. If anyone knows how to get rid of them I would be eternally grateful.

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Sorry that my rabbit has run all the way up to you, pleadinggreen. He obviously didn't like the Coleus canina I put in!!! LOL. As far as the suckers from the Cherry tree are concerned, the only method I know is to dig out the soil to where the sucker joins the tree or roots and wrench it off! You may be aware that cutting them off just results in more appearing. Some of the flowering Cherries are prone to suckering, unfortunately. I hope we all get some good summer weather soon!

5 Jul, 2008


Hi Pleadinggreen, Whan I was in work, like you I felt as if it rained every time I was off. Now that I've finnished work it seems to rain all the time. lol .
Happy pruning, and I hope you get some dry weather to do it. : D

5 Jul, 2008


Blodyn your right, i thought the same as you when i was working, but it does rain all the time, i'm sat on this laptop because it is pouring it down, but pleadinggreen i live in lanc's and at the moment i feel we are getting more rain than any one, when ever i put tele on especially tenis the sun is shinning when its raining here.

5 Jul, 2008


It is true! Just look at it today, p****ing it down again!

5 Jul, 2008


Tell me about it, i managed to get my lawn & hedge cut monday & tuesday then when i get things done & can sit and enjoy my garden, well this weather puts a block on it, i only have a normal size garden so i feel sorry for those with big gardens to keep tidy.

5 Jul, 2008

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