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Greenmeadows a visit to home town


after 60 years absence i returned to my old home town
what a difference.
like rip van winkle
my old primary school was just the same except the trees we planted on arbor day are just a wee bit taller so cant jump over them now

my favorite hill called ‘the sugarloaf’ was just as i remembered it as a boy we used to slide down the slopes on bits of cardboard

and as for the gum trees i helped to plant

the houses and streets are all green with grass and trees absolutely wonderful in spring

all this area has underground water about 40 feet down and when a well is drilled it gushes out at 15 feet head so the area never experiences dry ground
so perhaps that is why its called Greenmeadows

had to take a pic of the local fitness club wall.

he google street view car has toured the whole area so just google maps
greenmeadows hawkes bay new zealand and you should be able to take a tour

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How brilliant to see that the trees that you helped plant have grown soooo big. Amazing. Reminds me of a saying which I will probably mis-quote 'society grows great when old men plant trees beneath whose shade they will never sit' - the last picture is very funny

26 Sep, 2009


Green Meadows certainly appears to be an appropriate name for the town according to your description.

I have visited my boyhood home in London on a couple of occasions since we moved from London when I was 15. I last saw it some years ago & I hardly recognized the area! Especially near my primary school. They had built lots of new houses in the area & it was difficult for me to retrace my route to school from my old home.

I found the steps from the street up to the door on the first floor were not nearly as high as I remembered - must be because I've got bigger! LOL!

Many things in the area seemed to be different to when I was a kid! Didn't plant any trees though! :-(

26 Sep, 2009


Thanks Piersdad good blog as always, must have been strange seeing large trees that you could once jump over.

26 Sep, 2009


A lovely trip down memory lane for you Piersdad - the 'hill' looks like a mountain...or I expect it did when you were lads!

26 Sep, 2009


---must have been strange seeing large trees that you could once jump over.---

between the trees ,at my primer school,is the flag pole that was erected in 1946.
i remember the trees were planted then.
when the first flag was to be raised at assembly the head master missed the attachment to the flag up the pole and the rope flew up and out of the top pulley.
well to the rescue i came and offered to climb the pole and re thread the rope.
so with the with the head master very apprehensive and the whole school looking on i easily climbed to the top and got the rope rethreaded.
after all i had been climbing similar trees for the last year or so to collect birds eggs.

26 Sep, 2009,172.617188&sspn=28.159124,56.513672&ie=UTF8&ll=-39.521257,176.847181&spn=0.028271,0.087891&z=14&layer=c&cbll=-39.525147,176.858221&panoid=ZdP9Audxxz44lxCqGCxTIQ&cbp=12,295.77,,0,2.8

a link to a street view of green meadows

26 Sep, 2009

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