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Photos tagged as "pinks"

  • Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)
    By Sodapopklc
  • nov 07 (Dianthus plumarius (Border Pink))
    By Majeekahead
  • Rhododendron ~ bright pink petals ~ Macro !
    By Simbird
  • Dwarf Pinks
    By Jacque
  • Dianthus (Pinks) 'Doris 06.08
    By Xela
  • Dianthus (Pinks) 'Widecombe Fair(?)' 06.08 (Dianthus allwoodii)
    By Xela
  • Unidentified Dianthus [Pink} Close Up 06.08 (Dianthus allwoodii.)
    By Xela
  • Unidentified Dianthus [Pink} again 06.08 (Dianthus allwoodii.)
    By Xela
  • A Different Unidentified Dianthus Close Up 06.08 (Dianthus allwoodii)
    By Xela
  • 2nd Unidentified Dianthus again 06.08 (Dianthus allwoodii)
    By Xela
  • Bath's Cheddar Pinks (Dianthus 'Bath's Pink')
    By Grammazoo
  • Pinks (Dianthus 'Bath's Pink')
    By Grammazoo