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Photos tagged as "monkey"

  • Monkey Puzzle Tree
    By Dan9
  • "Monkey Puzzle" Tree (Arucaria arucana)
    By David
  • Mimulus (Monkey Flower) "Magic Rainbow"
    By David
  • Conical "Witch Hat" planter with Mimulus "Magic Rainbow" and trailing Bizzy Lizzy "Spellbound"
    By David
  • Mimulus ("Monkey Flower") var. "Magic Rainbow"
    By David
  • monkey plant bloom (Ruellia makoyana)
    By Greenthumb
  • My living room collection (Aloe vera (Aloe))
    By Nerja2007
  • Monkey puzzle (Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle, Chilean pine))
    By Davey2009
  • Monkey musk...sweethearts (Mimulus guttatus (Common Large Monkey Flower))
    By Junglejen
  • Cute Little Monkey
    By Neellan
  • Monkey Plant 2011
    By Shaylaina
  • Ruellia makoyana - Monkey Plant Ruellia (Ruellia makoyana - Monkey Plant Ruellia)
    By Delonix1