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Grows on You reaches 1000 members


By peter


While we’ve been busy adding garden reminders and chatting on the radio Grows on You has been growing all the time.

We’ve had a little help, mind, and David’s wonderful Garden of Oz got a write up in his local papers last week! If you think you can help spread word of GoY, please let us know.

Anyway, the reason for the blog is that this weekend we passed two milestones. First we got our 4000th photo added to the site and then yesterday we crossed 1000 members – great achievement for us!

For the stat fans amongst you, we also have 163 open gardens, 273 blogs and 322 questions! Grows on You is becoming a very valuable resource thanks to all our members :o)

On the milestone theme I thought I’d mention BlueSpruce, whose photos have changed many members’ opinions by showing just how spectacular conifers can be. There are now over 750 plants listed in Bluespruce’s garden ! Many have photos making it a great place to discover more about conifers.

Foxhollow by BlueSpruce

We’d like to say thank you to everyone that has contributed to GoY and extend a very warm welcome to all the new members. Let’s hope this year is even better! We’ve more improvements planned but as always, if you have ideas for improving the site, please do get in touch.

Happy gardening :o)

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congratulations! well deserved i am not at all surprized that GOY is becoming so popular, i am completely hooked! and thanks a million for the new garden reminder feature! - love it!

7 Jan, 2008


Thanks Majeekahead :o) I think you and a few other requested it last time we asked. Let us know if you have suggestions for improvement.

On to the next thing now...

8 Jan, 2008


I also just noticed, while googling for plant names, that growsonyou appears sometimes in the Sponsored Links column. Is this something new, also? Many congratulations on reaching a milllenium of members, too! I agree with your comments on Bluespruce's contributions. I never knew that conifers and heathers could really look so stunning together, and his photos and articles have given me some great ideas for our garden this year.

8 Jan, 2008


Hi David. The Google links are not a new thing, we've been trying them for a little while but not many. Hopefully we'll be at the top of Google soon :o)

8 Jan, 2008


Peter, thanks for the kind comments about conifers, but I am afraid I will have to spoil the party here. The changes to the My photos and my garden pages are now far too elongated and cramped especially the my garden pages, also leaves an unnecessary amount of blank area to the right hand side of the page. Sorry guys ! in my opinion, a change for the worse. My apologies for being negative.

8 Jan, 2008


Hi Bluespruce, no problems - we'd much prefer to hear what people think than to have you annoyed in silence.

The space to the right of the 'my photos' tab now contains tags and the space next to 'my garden' contains any reminders you've set - but if there are none I agree it looks empty.

It's unlikely to change straight away but we will definitely bear it in mind in the coming weeks. Thanks for letting us know :o)

8 Jan, 2008


I have begun filling up the blank spaces with tags and reminders. I think that the reminders tag will be a useful place for me, not just to set myself reminders of tasks to be done (I don't always read what I've written on paper) but also to remind myself about which seeds/plants performed well and to buy again, or which ones to avoid.

8 Jan, 2008

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