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Grows on You on the radio tomorrow


By peter


Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be on BBC Radio Derby from about 1:15 to 1:30. I’ll also be on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this Sunday at 12.30. To be honest I’m a bit nervous :o)

You can get both of these over the internet if you want to listen in. There’s a little ’listen now" button on both the links above.

Hope you’re not too cold :o)


Update: The show was replaced with yesterday’s (Monday 7th Jan)

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Good luck, Peter, not that you need it, you're an old hand at this broadcasting lark now! I'll try to listen. Our weather forecast turned out wrong, thank goodness, no snow, just temps down to 0 degrees most of day. I had tears running down my face when I walked Henry!!! I hope people in the North are OK....are you?

3 Jan, 2008


good luck peter, i am sure you will be fine! i am out today with the horror - taking her to kidspace in romford. so i wont be around at the times that your on, but is it poss to go on the internet to listen to it this evening? or is it only when it is live?

4 Jan, 2008


First, I was wrong with the forecast too. We had lots of snowstorms all day yesterday, but it did not lie too thick, thank goodness, just enough for the kids to build a small snowman! Also, Peter, go break a leg or the radio equivalent! Just say what you mean. I will be at work so can't listen in even on internet. All the Best!

4 Jan, 2008


**!***!xx!*** I missed them! I am so sorry, and hope it went really well. Let us know when the next one is and I'll set my alarm clock or something.

4 Jan, 2008


Thanks for the good luck wishes :o)

I was a bit nervous yesterday but it went OK - I actually had to go to the BBC studios in London rather than just talk over the phone. I was sat in a tiny little cupboard room on my own with a microphone and headphones, all very strange.

Spritz & Majeeka - If you'd like to hear me waffle on, the interview from yesterday is still available online. I've added a link to the bottom of the blog which should play it again. I was on the Alex Trelinksi show about 10-15 minutes in.

Tomorrow's is scheduled for 12.30.

5 Jan, 2008


I tried your link, but nothing much happened, just a small picture of the presenter. It's no good, you will have to broadcast to the SW, Peter! Keep telling us when you are 'on' and I will keep trying to listen. Could my problem be something to do with our WiFi system? I keep having to move the laptop nearer to the router to get a signal - due to our thick stone walls.

6 Jan, 2008


Hi Spritz, sorry it didn't work for you. It doesn't sound like a problem with your WiFi - if it was I don't think you'd see the presenter. The show has gone now - replaced with yesterday's show. Oh the fickle finger of fame :D

Will try to get on a station near you soon :o)

8 Jan, 2008


Well done Peter on your radio broadcast it has brought me into the fold ...Margaret

10 Jan, 2008


Thanks Margaret, and welcome to Grows on You :o) I hope you enjoy it!

10 Jan, 2008

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