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Ants in compost bin


Two weeks ago i started a compost bin, but when i opened it today, it was
running alive with ants, I’m i doing something wrong or what can i do about

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i had the same problem, i have read if you fork the top just disturb it every few days the ants will not like this and go and nest somewhere else...i still have a few ants in mine but definately not as many.

21 May, 2009


i have this too pepperpot, in fact mine are more like millions!! I have started stirring it every couple of days in the hopes they decide its not the best home for them, i know they break down the compost but theres too many!!!

21 May, 2009


I read somewhere that ants in the compost is a sign of the compost being too dry.......I don't know how true this is but certainly if you keep flooding the ants nest with water they will move on.
You can kill off the ants by mixing icing sugar with Borax (about 1 part Borax to 4 parts icing sugar). The ants take the sugar into the nest along with the Borax. When they eat the borax it poisons them.

22 May, 2009


Hi everyone,
Thankyou very much for all your comments, i'm glad i'm not the only one with ants in my compost bin.

22 May, 2009


Oh thanks Gilli, good to know, and i will put some water on the heap too.

23 May, 2009

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