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Hi everyone, Did you all see something strange in the sky to day,
I’ve been told its the SUN, lol, What a lush day its been. I;ve just come in from the garden its now 9.30pm, thats me done for the day, by what i just seen on the weather maybe the week. Hope you all had a great day.

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Wasn't it a wondrful day yesterday, (Sat) this morning is nice so far. Do you have lights in your garden to see with Pepperpot ?? 9.30 am is very dark here.

31 Aug, 2008


So pleased you had a day of sun, but sorry your forecast is not so good. When reading all your comments from UK about your terrible weather, I sometimes feel guilty that we are having day after day of hot sunny weather here in Hungary, so I promise to myself not to moan about the lack of rain and the need to water the garden yet again!

31 Aug, 2008


I was wondering what that thing was in the sky. lol. It was a nice day yesterday and I'm glad you enjoyed it Pepper pot. It's raining here now - how miserable again. Still maybe the autumn will bring some decent weather before winter sets in.
All the best, Hywel.

31 Aug, 2008


How come all of you had sunshine yesterday, it was quite warm but we had no sunshine.

31 Aug, 2008


same here Clarice, warm but overcast

31 Aug, 2008


Saturday was a goregous day, forecast not so good sunday for SE

What A Lovely Summer We Had, So Im Told, Must Have Missed It Or Blinked

31 Aug, 2008


Hi everyone, I love all your comments on the weather, its interesting, when people in other parts of the country say that they had no sun, we forget how big our little Island is, dont we. manythanks for making me chuckle. weather is rubbish here today.and to Daff, the answer to your question is yes i do have lights in the garden, but i was just tidy up by about 8.30pm because its not that bright, I could do with big flood lights really,lol, nice to have hered from you all, xx

1 Sep, 2008

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