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Discovering my garden: Spring


By pamsco


Spring is sprung the grass is riz I wonder where the birdies is?

The weather is milder now and the flowers are blooming. The garden has a define yellow hue from the many daffodils and gigantic forsythia.

Photos are from the last day or 2. Hope you like them, I know the plants aren’t hugely exciting specimens but as this is my first year I’m using these blogs as an audit.

The edibles are showing promise. The raspberries which I tamed in the autumn are now opening their buds.

And the rhubarb is exploding, I’ll have to learn to like it!
I’m experimenting with one crown under a bin and the rest au natural.

The other edible success are the chives. I thougt I’d cut them so hard last year they were gone, but the beautiful oniony chive flavour is fresh and juicey.

My only planting so far are some garlic I started in the garage in coir pots and planted out a month ago. They seem to be growing healthily, time will tell if this late planting will bulb up.

My next step with the edibles are the potatoes I bought at Bridgend Potato day, the bed under the net is ready to go as soon as the chits are at a decent stage.

I grew green manure on this bed, hoping the mustard has conditioned the soil ready for spuds. Thoug I haven’t dug it in, the plants have been composted but I left bits of root to breakdown.

The winter casualty seems to be the bay bush :(

In the rest of the garden bulbs are in full glory.

A host of golden daffodils, in fact many hosts, small, double and bonny ones.

I think of these as the posh ones :)

These are acting out a pastiche of Pink Floyds, The Wall.

Sadly most of my primulas and primroses are slug and snail dessert but this group seem to be immune. Possibly because it surrounded by house leeks?

I love these, and I managed to ID them myself! Muscari, I think? They are sat in a sea of London Pride.

There are lots of helibores dotted around the garden.

There is also a number of these little gems, which I think are anemones? Am I right?

The showpiece at the moment is the hedge of flowering currant anf forsythia. At sunset the gentle east coast glow we call a sunsent shines directly on these 2 huge bushes. I plan to cut the by about a third to keep them bushy.

A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King,
But God be with the Clown
Who ponders this tremendous scene
This whole Experiment of Green
As if it were his own!

Emily Dickinson

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some lovely plants in your garden ~ that rhubarb is tremendous!! how do you do it?

28 Mar, 2011


What gorgeous rhubarb - just at the right stage to pick and eat ! Yummy. And what lovely flower pictures too !

29 Mar, 2011


Yes that is an anemone - Anemone blanda.
Nice that you're getting on. You have such a lot
Pitty for your bay tree. I hope it will recover. They are usually quite hardy

29 Mar, 2011


All looking good and healthy.

29 Mar, 2011


Fab blog there, well done, lovely plants, lovely poem.

29 Mar, 2011


I really enjoyed this blog, Pamsco, you have some lovely plants/bulbs/fruit considering this is your first gardening year. If you cut the Bay back hard, you'll probably find it'll come back to life. I love your 'posh' Daffodils, any idea which variety they are? Pat yourself on the back, you're doing so well. : o ))

29 Mar, 2011've got lots going on in your garden...the rhubarb looks great :)

29 Mar, 2011


Thanks all, remember though - I'm only showing you the best LOL :) I'm not showing you the disgrace behind the holly, dying hebe, spreading weeds.

The rhubarb is a huge surprise. It was hidden behind the raspberries and completely down to the crown when I found it. Being ignorant I thought it was dead. All brown and crusty. I was going to clear it out but the buds appeared so I gave it a top dressing of seived home made compost. Et voila. I'll taste it next week!

29 Mar, 2011


Make sure to taste the Rhubarb and not the sieved compost .........

29 Mar, 2011


Hello again. Can't believe I wrote this nearly 2 years ago. I went into hospital about a month later with gallstones but I was 3 months pregnant. Well since then I have had a wee boy and the garden has gone to the extreme of wilderness. So I'm back! We've had a clearout and now I need help.

1 Mar, 2013


Oh and the bay came back and is doing well :)

1 Mar, 2013

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