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I’ve been away for a month from the GOY site. So much has happened online as well as here at home. We’re finally close enough to cooler weather being on the horizon that I could get some seeds planted. Yippee!

In addition to planting seeds, I got my workstation in order. I had shelves built as well as a potting bench. It’s not quite finished but I didn’t let that stop me from using it!

I started the seeds in these Jiffy discs. I couldn’t help but wonder while I worked with them if other people call them by another name. The box merely says “Jiffy”. I think they are made of peat moss. Anyone got any other thoughts?

By keeping the discs with seeds sown on these shelves, I can have more control over the amount of heat and direct sun they receive. If I plant directly into the ground soil, they would perish at this time of year. But if I wait until they could tolerate the weather in the ground, then there won’t be enough growing season remaining and the plant would suffer and possibly die before we reach harvest.

Once I feel the disc has become too small for the seedling they’ll get planted into a pot until they are hardy enough to endure the heat. With the compost I’ve included fertilizer, peat moss and coir – which is very exciting! I really enjoy working with the coir. This is how we get it from the nursery. We add water to it and it turns into a rough powder. It certainly smells better than fertilizer!

Speaking of which, here is a funny story. My young daughter was helping me and forgetting what fertilizer actually is, I asked her to scoop some up for me. As she does she announces that it looks like pooh. I grinned but withheld the facts. As she takes another scoop she says it smells like pooh. I nearly broke into laughter. However, I withheld the truth as I knew I’d lose my helper. I did confess the next day and she took the news well. Surprisingly, she never asked why we use animal pooh! I think she was just proud that she figured out what it was right way!

The tortoises are excited by the activity in the new workstation. Each time I’ve been able to spend some time out there, they come over to take a look, make sure all is well, then continue on their merry way!

And after just three full days, we have some break through!

Stay tuned!

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There will be a lot of people over here who would enjoy a little bit of your sunshine, Omanigarden! You have worked hard with all those seedlings.

29 Aug, 2012


Thanks, Steragram, for the kind words. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right! I wish all we had was a "little bit". Too much of a good thing is going on here...for 9-10 months out of the year! Are you familiar with the show The Munsters from 50 years ago? (It's still airs.) The wife of the house would close the curtains when the sun shined but swung the curtains opened if it rained. That's pretty much what we do here, too! ;)

Wish I could send you some! :)

29 Aug, 2012


How interesting to see how people garden in other countries! I'm still struggling with the way things grow here 6 years after moving from Britain - such a learning curve! Good luck with your 'Jiffys.' :o)

30 Aug, 2012


Very interesting blog Omani, I've never used those little discs, but as they work so well for you, I'll give them a go. We've had the wettest summer here since records began, if only we could all share out the sun and the rain:-)

31 Aug, 2012

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