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Break in the Weather


It’s the 26th of July and according to the internet, we’re going to have a break in the weather with temps hovering around 100F for the next ten days.

While this is “cooler” weather for us here in Oman, it’s still a tad too early to sow any seeds. As anxious as we are to get started, I’m afraid we need to wait at least two weeks more.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to get the top part of my yard landscaped. Nothing fancy. Just putting down some grass seed and adding more soil. The grass all died thanks to that Grrrr Co. who built the monster building behind my home. It’s blocking a substantial amount of proper sunlight from all areas of my yard.

I’ve bought seed special for shaded areas. So we’ll sow grass in one part of the yard and gear up for growing veggies in the back!

Stay tuned!

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We've been metricated.....kicking and screaming I may add! 100f would be getti ng on for 40c?. Thats hot!
I,m finding the high 20's too warm, Isuppose about 21c and a light breeze is my ideal. I do hope that the grass seed works for you lack of light is a real problem

26 Jul, 2012


Oh that must be so hot to live and work in.

26 Jul, 2012


Pamg - exactly, 100F is 40c. Our temps had been bouncing up to 45 and 50, so the story goes. I stopped watching the thermostat when at 7 a.m. it was already reading 39c.

For the next ten days we are expecting 35-40c (we're actually metric here, too, but I wasn't sure to use C or F!)

I'd love the high 20s. They tend to be our cooler months. We usually dip into the teens but almost never lower than 16. Our cooler season usually hovers in teh 20s.

The landscaper took a look at the seed tonight and is very happy with what I chose. Said it is good stuff. He can't begin for another month, unfortunately, so I'll just work on sowing my seeds until he arrives!

Thanks for the good seed thoughts! Stay tuned! :)

26 Jul, 2012


Drc726 - in a large way, we get used to it. The body acclimates. I laughed once when we returned to the US with the children. They jumped into the pool with all their American cousins and my children's lips turned blue. My children could only stay in the water about 10 minutes. It was just far too cold for them. The temp was in the 80s (F) or high 20s (C).

We run the AC a lot indoors and I actually have found that we keep our homes and stores cooler here in Oman than how Americans live in the US. Personally, I'm more comfortable here than in the Midwest of the USA.

26 Jul, 2012


Thats interesting about adapting, as I just cannot imagine that!

26 Jul, 2012


Oh I hope you can cope with that heat. It would kill me lol ...
Good idea to wait before you sew your seeds I think.

26 Jul, 2012


I'm sure you will be looking forward to a bit of rain. It will soon be the monsoon in Salalah, but that's not much fun. But it looks wonderful about September.

26 Jul, 2012


Hywel - we never have any stories about non-Omanis dying due to heat related causes so I'd like to think that you'd be pleasantly surprised that you could survive this! :)

The oldgunne - We don't get much rain up here in the north so we're always looking forward to it. It's so dry here that when it does rain it also flash floods. I enjoy khareef season in Salalah. The cloud cover on the mountains, though stressful to drive through, is amazing.

27 Jul, 2012

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