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OCTOBER ALREADY - still colour in the garden


Just found (only taken a few years) a button on the menu of my camera which says ‘natural colour’ so pushed it and eh ho it has changed the settings and showing much better colours of the plants, much truer than previously shown. I am not a very good follower of instruction manuals so have never looked at what can or cannot be done with the camera. lol something to do with old age me thinks.

Right here goes, see what you think:-
First one Lady Marmalade, very spikey but a lovely colour

Grace – peachy and lots of buds still to open up

Standard Rose – Birthday Girl – love this colour and shape.

Rose – Pat Austin

Climbing Rose – Bright Sun – starts off pinky/yellow and fades to this

Rose – Gertrude Jekyll

Climbing rose – Generous Gardener this one is going to be re-supported this back end. The old framework has collapsed and is in need of replacement therapy lol.

Rose – Hommage a Barbara this rose was badly attacked by a rabbit early in the spring but has recovered well and flowered for a long time now, think this will be the last flowers for this year, cannot see any more buds.

Acer – think this one is Shania – beautiful colour not too tall great for the pot it’s in.

Lobelia – Cardinalis – tried for years to keep one of these and these are the first ones to re-appear – think they have the right spot – damp but drains well.

I have been digging out some more grass (ssshhhh don’t let on) planted up some of the Russell Lupins and Aquilegia grown from seeds in the spring.

Front garden border tidied up – not doing any more to it until the winter has worked its way around the plants, they are always so much easier to tidy up after they have had some frost on them. This border is where the biggest collection of Crocosmia plants are situated.

Love the contrasting colours in this part of the front border and the birds will love those berries later on in the year.

Right off to get dinner ready for tonight and make myself a sandwich to keep me going until supper time. Hope you are all managing to get out into the garden and hope you are all getting some of this lovely sunshine that we have had all week. Happy Autumn to you all.

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Lovely photo OliveOil....especially the Rose Gertrude Jekyll.... Stunning!
I can't say I've ever seen a 'natural' setting on my camera.

2 Oct, 2015


Ooh! Hasn't 'Birthday Girl' turned out to be a corker! I love it! As for instruction manuals....where's the fun in that? lol!

2 Oct, 2015


My favourite was Grace, but Birthday Girl's fantastic too.
Today's been wonderful hasn't it - I got the mint bed sorted today after putting it off for three years...what a mess!

2 Oct, 2015


As you say some lovely colour still to be seen, and isn't it grand to have all this fantastic sunshine, hoping it will shorten the winter...??☺

2 Oct, 2015


Lovely to see all the roses Olive and I also tidy most of my beds and borders Feb/March time, that way I don't end up digging all my bulbs out by mistake and it helps the birds and bugs survive during the winter as well, I think my Canon is about four years old now and I am still excited when I discover new settings on it, I can never fathom out the instruction manuals of anything, always better to learn by trial and error, your photo's do look good but then I always think they are...

2 Oct, 2015


What beautiful roses you have, B. I love Pat Austin & Generous Gardener.
Your Acer Shania is stunning!
I just got L cardinalis so am hoping it will flower as well as yours & please don't get me going on your crocosmia collection as I only have 3 currently but got enough plants to work with just now, lol.

Seriously, garden is looking fab.
(have never seen 'natural' either)

2 Oct, 2015


Thank you everyone for your lovely comments pleased you like the pictures. Enjoy your gardens while this sunshine lasts.

2 Oct, 2015


Love your Rose Oo, especially Gertrude Jeykall and Generous Gardener, and the Acer, what colour!!

2 Oct, 2015


Thank you Siris. :O)

2 Oct, 2015


I love those peachy roses, Barbara! The garden still looks fabulous. What a lovely week it's been. If only it could last!

2 Oct, 2015


think we are forecast a good day tomorrow and then maybe rain Sunday, but after saying that these forecasters change their minds daily I never trust what they say.

2 Oct, 2015


Everything looks lovely in your garden Barbara ! My roses are having another flush and must get round to taking photos !
I had to smile when you said about your lawn as that is what I always do, isn't it ! lol
I think the warm sunny days are coming to an end, but its been a lovely couple of months here , so can't complain !
You will soon be getting your knitting out !

3 Oct, 2015


lol I know you like to do the chop chop on the grass Rose. I would have no grass at all if I had a choice, lol think cutting it and keeping it tidy is the biggest of my hates in the garden closely run by weeding the nettles lol. The weather has been great for us this side of the country the rain we had just kept things growing along nicely. The knitting is definitely calling, had to light the fire tonight I was cold, but the dog is not appreciating it he is panting laid in front of it. lol. So funny watching him he likes it but is not comfortable but will not move. lol. Not looking forward to altering the clocks as then it definitely will be miserable and dark very early. Ah well Bonfire night and Lottie's first birthday to look forward to so that will help pass on November for us.

3 Oct, 2015


Lovely roses in your very pretty garden. Each day is a precious bonus from now on. Wind and rain have taken over from the warm sunshine here and a carpet of leaves covers the lawn! We have had a fire for 2 nights in a row and I guess there will be a few more to follow! Like the fires but don't enjoy cleaning out the grate each day, I feel like a scullery maid!

5 Oct, 2015


Much the same weatherwise here Wildrose, breezy chilly rain but starting to brighten as I type. Better, warmer at least, forecast for the rest of the week. Housework done and hoping it stays fine after lunch I need to pop into town. I love my open fire, we have no central heating here, so it's a must for keeping us warm and cosy. Even found my old nursery guard out so that when Lottie comes to play she is safe from the flames. I had forgotten how to put it all together but it is now dusted off and in place. Wonder what she will think to the flames flickering.

5 Oct, 2015


Beautiful roses, OliveOil! Your plants look fabulous! Getting a bit chilly here as well but I think it is more psychological than real as the thermometer marks 21C & it hasn't really changed all day, even in our bedroom, with a window that is rarely closed - unless frost is forecast - it said 21C!

We have had some light rain & heavy showers are forecast for this evening here in East Anglia. Tomorrow we are forecast more heavy, possibly, thundery showers at times.

5 Oct, 2015


She will love the fire, Barbara! I am suffering withdrawal symptoms - I haven't seen my granddaughter for three weeks. OH has been very unwell with a chest infection. It is defeated now, thank goodness, but the doc says he must allow three weeks for convalescence. So tomorrow, I am off at 6.45 to drive to my son's house to babysit for the day, till he gets back at 6.30 ( D-i-l is working in London for two days). But I am so looking forward to seeing her again!

6 Oct, 2015


Thanks Balcony we had heavy rain yesterday and today but pleased to say it is brightening up a little now.

Enjoy your day Melchi pleased you OH is feeling much better, it takes time to recover as we get older, just listen to what the medics say and get some rest. :O)

7 Oct, 2015


We didn't get the forecast heavy, thundery showers where we are after all. We had some light rain showers but that was all. Today is glorious but rather cool! The same is forecast for tomorrow but with stronger, colder East winds developing.

Mel, glad to hear your OH is getting better :-))

8 Oct, 2015


Thank you, Barbara, he is.

9 Oct, 2015


Only just seen your reply Barbara as Rick has been having a bad time of it and now my daughter is taking him every day and I'm collecting Maddison from school, so my days seem shorter ! Still good weather here , but cooler and I have taken more grass up at the weekend as I have to move my large Annabel hydrangea , so what else could I do! Hahaa! That will be lovely for you all celebrating Lotties first birthday ! Aren't grandchildren just lovely !

12 Oct, 2015


Just to tell you, I am so envious of your beautiful roses. You have so many luscious ones, will just have to enjoy this blog from time to time. Trouble is: I forget which blog is better, all so good. We are starting winter, big frost last night.Everything but a few herbs left. Still have bulbs to plant! Hope my one and only rose survives. Loved this blog.

24 Oct, 2015

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