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OK Peony Nursery located at Lanzhou of Gansu is specialized in Paeonies, especially Chinese Flare Tree Peonies (FTP) or Ziban Mudan, Paeonia rockii hybrids native to Gansu, Northwestern China. As a pioneer, OK nursery are growing and propagating fine FTP cultivars collected from different regions of Gansu and bred and selected by ourselves in the later years.
FTP or Paeonia rockii hybrids has been cultivated for thousands of years by our ancestors and many elite plants still kept in gardens of local people just for the appreciation by themselves or as a symbol of good and happy lives. Nobody seriously thought their marketing before, so that in recent years all of plants to sell in markets are really seedlings and one named cultivar often covers various seedlings with similar flowers, which is a great trouble for people who want to collect FTP. Now, we are glad to announce that the situation is changing as OK Nursery is growing, because a big collection of cultivars and the protocol to propagate them by grafting has been set up successfully in the nursery, as was done by the study work of Prof. Cheng Fangyun of Beijing Forestry University who started his peony career in 1988 and has become known-well authority in this field.
In many facets, FTP or Paeonia rockii hybrids are actually superior to P. suffruticosa including Chinese Zhongyuan cultivars or Moutan and Japanese cultivars or Bohtan. FTP are resistant to cold and drought climates, salt and soil poverty and free of diseases and pests with luxurious blossom and vigorous plants. They are long-lived often over 100 years and plants can grow up to more than 2m in height. In our location, they grow in the regions over than 1,000m in altitude, highest to about 3,000m, and annual rainfall 350-600 mm and annual mean temperature 5-10 oC, min. to 30 oC below zero. No problem in the soil of PH 8.3 by our experience. More and more spreading around the world is telling us that FTP aren’t only wonderful in garden uses but very good for cut-flower and potted. They should be the first choose for peony lovers and collectors in the world!
About more information about FTP, please refer to newly-published book《Chinese Flare Tree Peonies》and the article Paeonia rockii and its cultivars (Amer. Peony Soc. Bull,. 291:32-34, 1994) by Prof. Cheng Fangyun.
Ok Nursery has experience to ship bare-rooted plants to American and Europe and will supply you with top quality plants according to your demands. We hope that our nursery will grow with our peonies and create the opportunity to get true FTP from China for everybody liking peonies all over the world.

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