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A Rowan for GEE... animals for YOU and ME!!!


Hi all!

Well, I’m finding it hard to keep up with everything right now as my christmas hours have begun in work and although only an extra hour per day, twice a week, I don’t finish until 9pm…..JOY! As you can imagine, it gets a little tedious and tiring BUT, I am slowly trawling through everyone’s blogs and pics.

Not a lot happening in my garden right now apart from feeding birds and lots of leaves blowing everywhere….everyday! The weather is absolutely atrocious but Hey Ho! So, I was sat downstairs tonight with my good lady asleep upon the sofa and I thought it might be quite nice to share some of the pics I have taken in the garden since joining you all on GoY. They are basically ones that ended up on the cutting room floor. Mostly wildlife with some flowers thrown in for good measure.

I had to start with one for my friend Gee…….

Thought the WC dove made a nice addition to our friend the ROWAN….Not long now girl:0)) – Since starting this blog a couple of days ago, I discovered tonight, 20th, that Gee now has her Rowan…..just don’t disown mine now Gee:0((

A few sparra’s/spuggies/sparrows to peruse…..

If you look very carefully, you might just see a little head peering round the feeder from behind it on the left….

Safety in numbers before the starlings arrive…..

Coming in to land…‘budge over guys!’

Chubby Checker….

Get in there!

BOO!! – Look closely and you will see about 5 or 6 doves flying away!

I go out walking….after midnight….Okay, not strictly that late but they were out walking!


‘Hey, where’d I go?’

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! I always wanted to be in the movies….’

Chariots of Fire……

‘Come on now Jim. You gotta get a handle on this…’

‘Ooh, ooh. Maybe I could do the walk at the start of The Bill…..!’

‘And then maybe do a stakeout with my partner….!’

Mine all mine….

GULP! It’s a long way down…’

Fine looking woman….

Look VERY closely and you will just about make out a wasp approaching the big strawberry!

Another one for GEE….

We now take a short interlude from the wildlife to view some nice flower pics which are not from the garden but our trip to Duffryn gardens a couple of months ago….

So, back in the garden and Nutty has made some major appearances this year and sussed out how to use the squigg feeder.

Ladies & Gentleman, I give you…..NUTTY!

‘I love my very own feeder and it’s always full…’

…..‘but not for long….Mmmmmm!’

How about a few flowers from my garden…..

A few little bug pics that never made it onto GoY….

And finally, 3 of my favourite things that I have photographed in my garden these past few months…..

ACIDANTHERA or Peacock Orchid

My avatar….GAZANIA’S

…..and finally, you know who!!

*Hope you all enjoyed some, if not all of these pics. I certainly enjoyed taking them and they have given me a fantastic reminder of how much pleasure I’ve got out of my first few months as a fledgling gardener!!

Here’s to the coming months and the photo opportunities that may arise….*

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Once again Dan you never cease to amaze me with your pictures and comments on them, the close ups are fantastic, and 'gulp its a long way down' is superb its my favourite, they're all excellent tho'.

22 Nov, 2009


great blog as per usual Dan, lots of lovely pics and great captions, little robin looking cute and so is nutty to, always enjoy the close-ups on the flowers :o)))

22 Nov, 2009


Great photos Dan :-))))

22 Nov, 2009


Oh what a lovely blog Mr. OB !! It has brought a huge smile to my face on this dark and dreary Sunday morning. ALL of the pic's are wonderful ! Thankyou :~)))))

22 Nov, 2009


Thanks Dan for reminding us of those halcyon days of Summer, our gardens look very different now. Your friendly squirrel looks like he's well fed !

22 Nov, 2009


Wonderful blog, Dan! What a lovely reminder of why we like our gardens!

22 Nov, 2009


Great stuff Dan.....lovely pics.

22 Nov, 2009


great blog...the close ups are amazing...

22 Nov, 2009


Brilliant as ever! I'll even forgive you the bugs, Dan!!

22 Nov, 2009


Great blog OB. Nutty is the 1st Sumo Squirrel I've ever seen LoL
Your flowers look gorgeous :~)))

22 Nov, 2009


That was very cheering thank-you

22 Nov, 2009


Lovely blog and the photos they are great I loved the the spuggies especially the one peeking round the side .I also like the magpies even though they can be nasty pasties their colouring is lovely .

22 Nov, 2009


Love it!

22 Nov, 2009


I loved every picture, i couldn't pick a favourite.

22 Nov, 2009


A wonderful set of photos. Brilliant.

22 Nov, 2009


Great blog...lovely photos....and I'm pleased to see I am not the only one who falls asleep on the sofa in the evening!

22 Nov, 2009


Lovely photos Dan. :=)))

22 Nov, 2009


Thanks for the Rowan pics, OB. Mine has a long way to go yet and won't ever get to be the same shape as yours as it is a 'grow up and not out' tree! (wish I was a 'grow up and not out' person). Love your photos, especially Nutty and Robin. Brilliant :)

22 Nov, 2009


Don't grow up Gee !! Nowhere near as much fun !! lol ;~))

22 Nov, 2009


No fear of that, SueB :)

22 Nov, 2009


Glad to hear it !! Lol ;~))

22 Nov, 2009


Danny Boy! How could these land up on the cutting room floor???!! They are brill. Great to see Nutty again...& the bees & the robin....lovely pics. :o)

22 Nov, 2009


Bob: As ever, you are always so generous with your comments and I'm so glad you didn't stay away for too long. Thanks mate:0)

SB: Again, always so gracious with your words. Yes, the Robin and Nutty are as cute as ever!! Thanks....

Madperth: Glad this one didn't bug you!! :0))

SueB: Glad you're smiling Sue. It''s been awful here today and the wind now - 11.15pm, is really strong out there! Brrrrrrrrrrr.....:0)

Heron: Halcyon days indeed and I am so looking forward to starting some new things out there next year. It's been quite an enlightening and uplifting few months working out in the garden and being introduced to so many wonderful new experiences. Oh, and I catagorically deny that the squirrel is force fed!!!!!

Bscott: Or LOVE our gardens - totally agree!

Pip: Sumo - LMAO!! Glad you like the flowers:0)-

Mavis: So right about the Magpies - stunning colourings....Thanks

PottyG: In the words of Michael Jackson.....You are not alone! LoL!! Bless her, she was so knacked and just zonked AND, unusually for her, snored like KIM on IACGMOH!!! She was on her back though so she can be me anyway. The neighbours were furious!! LoL!!

GEE: Matters not a jot. You still have a Rowan and I expect to see regular updates on your fine specimen. Glad you liked the pics:0) Hope you're well.....

FLUFF: I have taken so many piccies this year, being my first 'gardening' year an all and believe me, huge amounts more were deleted!! Glad you liked them and I will be doing another similar blog very soon as loads more to share:D-

Louise/Amblealice/Sandra/Drc/Wagger/Tulsalady/Mad & Stripes: Thank you all for your comments and glad you all liked:0))))))

22 Nov, 2009


Absolutely a brill blog OB loved all your photos thanks for showing them.

23 Nov, 2009


Great blog, fine, nice pics...wonderful 4 legged friends, pretty flowers! You have it all!


23 Nov, 2009


Dan, :~)D~~~~~~~~

23 Nov, 2009


Brilliant photos, cheered me up no end ! Thanks.

24 Nov, 2009


Put a smile on my face, and a laugh out loud moment with the chariots of fire... great blog, you must have some camera.

27 Nov, 2009

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