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Squirrels just love LEGO, don'cha know!!


Hi all and what an awful few days of weather we’ve had and by all accounts, will continue to have for a few days or so more…..JOY!!

Well, on the advice of one Mrs Bscott, a few days ago, I ventured out this morning when Ali had gone to her morning shift. BS had advised me to give my lavenders a slight haircut and that is just what I did. Hopefully they will come back even more bountiful next year!

This is what my Butterfly lavender looked like before it had a trim….

….and this was the last remaining flower on my Blueberries & Cream after that had a trim…

So, I hear you cry, what was the real reason for venturing out on such a gloomy, dank and dismal day? Well, I shall begin…..

Some of you may knoiw we have a squirrel feeder on the edge of the garage just near the bottom gate. Nutty has sussed it and it now appears a recent addition – juvenile – has also sussed it too. The problem lies in that you have to fill the feeder so the squirrels can reach and then when they get about halfway down, they can’t reach and if you forget to fill the nuts for a while, the remainder turn mouldy and I end up throwing them away which is not good for the squiggs nor is it good on my pocket!

I have been racking my brain as to what I can do to stop wasting so many nuts and not spend too much cash in the process. Well, today, I went out and filled the bird feeders up and emptied the squigg box, still not knowing what I could do to solve the issue. On going back indoors to clean the clear perspex front to the feeder, I happened to pass this:

TerrorJACdyl’s lego box in the conservatory

Hmmmm, I thought, I wonder? So, armed with this…..

Ali’s unusal measuring contraption

I went back to this….

Said squirrel feeder…..cleaned out

…..and began to take some measurements.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking and NO…….I didn’t have a pasty for lunch!

’What’s that got to do with squirrels and lego?’

Absolutely nowt but just checking you’re awake! For the record, i didn’t have any lunch…..well, a packet of Hula Hoops but hardly top cuisine is it!!

Back to the matter in hand. I thought I could maybe construct – ark at me, sound like Robert Mcalpine now! – a small platform out of Jac’s lego that I could place behind the perspex and have half the amount of nuts resting on top of it. SO, this was my first attempt….

You can see that the legs stick out slightly at the bottom and this meant it didn’t quite fit so……..

I turned the legs to face in…..HEY PRESTO!

A few minor adjustments and in it went…..

So, now the moment of truth. Will it work?

Well, you judge….

Someone seems content with the result anyway and was eating from it not long after I took this pic….

Of course, some people were more interested in their lunch than checking out my amazing, hi-tech contraption…..

But of course, I knew I could always rely on me old mate to join me in the garden….

So, problem solved, I had a little wander down to our little pond and found these 2 broken branches…..

Which I guess must have snapped off this next door…..

The Mighty Oak!

Guess we got off very lightly compared to many of you around the country. On that note, I do hope you are all safe and warm as it’s not nice to go through all that type of thing.

Anyway, as I had filled the fatball up earlier, it was QUITE OBVIOUS that the local starlings clan would soon be about…..

‘Oy, I’m watching you shorty!’

‘Hey Ted, I’ll keep a look out for any sparrers in the area…..’

‘I can’t believe he hasn’t seen me…….’


‘Keep off our Manor ya big jessy starling….!’

The wind was starting to pick up a bit which pleased Windy Moo-Cow no end……

So, camera in hand, I took a few last shots of my comapnions before venturing indoors…..

So to finish, can you see any birds in the Mighty Oak?

And how was your day?

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Well OddBillie...I am pleased to be the first to reply to your very excellent blog!!!
Think you had a vodka for lunch ...never mind a pasty! If Lego works for you that's fine with me ...& I'm not being sarcastic at ALL!!! Tee hee. ;o))))))

15 Nov, 2009


That was an interesting blog lego will last and last but who's going to clean all those little bits lol

15 Nov, 2009


Dan ( not Ray! I'm learning....) that was fantastic!!!! HOW do you get those shots of the robin????? I had mine with me all morning, but every time I got the camera out the wee s@d did his vanishing act!

Very enterprising use of Lego! If everyone ends up happy, it's a job well done!


15 Nov, 2009


good thinking with the lego Dan, thought for a moment you had lost the plot there lol, and it worked to woohoo,
nice to see all your mates around the garden, mine are out there but dont seem to be coming down to say hi to me their feeder ,, the one who looks after them all year, not that i care mind :o((( enjoyed the blog, great :o))

15 Nov, 2009


Fluff: How I wish I had a voddie for lunch!! Actually I'm pants if I drink in the day and seeing as we rarely drink indoors, unless we have company - and we really are Billy & Betty nomates - then I don't drink unless I'm out....but then I'm known as the vodka monster!!

Drc: Clean? Oh gosh, me I guess!!

BS: Thanks you! This is absolutely true but may just be coincidental but every time I'm out there fro more than 5 minutes or so, the robin appears and sings and when I get the camera out - which I always have in my pocket when I go out there - he moves to a better position for me, like he knows what I want!! It's so cool.

As for the lego, well, I just have to hope that Jac doesn't notice when he's over next!

15 Nov, 2009


Sorry San, crossed over! yeh, sometimes they can make you fell a little unappreciated but I'm sure they all love you and will be down soon. Glad you enjoyed!

15 Nov, 2009


Hey neither...drinking is an evening treat for us...& only at weekends now.

Your robin has become quite the little poser hasn't he? ;O)

15 Nov, 2009


lovely blog and smashing photos.

15 Nov, 2009


Some great photos I love to see the robin I had one watching me today as I filled the feeders he loves the meal worms.Your squirrel feeder was a good idea.

15 Nov, 2009


Fluff: the biggest poser in the garden methinks!!

Thanks SBG & Mavis

15 Nov, 2009


You might at least have had a Danish pastry to go with the Lego brainwave!!!
Good thinking, Batman! Lovely pics, too!! :-)

15 Nov, 2009


What an excellent idea Mr. OB !! Doesn't take the Squizza's long to get used to things does it ? lol Really wonderful photo's, made me smile widely ! :~)))

16 Nov, 2009


Hi Dave! How's things? Long time no speak. I've yet to catch up with some of your blogs as I was away from here for a few weeks! No Danish in stock but now you've made me hungry......

Sue: You're right, it doesn't take them long does it! Glad you liked the pics!

Thanks both for the comments:0))

16 Nov, 2009


Great blog Oddbillie loved the widlife in your garden.Aren't we lucky to have them to entertain us when the weather is so foul?

16 Nov, 2009


It's like lego in the old days when you just had box of bricks and designed your own things. Showing my age now.Lol.

16 Nov, 2009


What is this - an OB blog with no photo highlighting the rowan tree? Come on, I'm missing it! Love the lego brainwave and your bird photos are second to none but just a peep of the rowan tree would have kept me going until the end of the month when I should be getting my own rowan - yippee :)

16 Nov, 2009


Brill blog OB always enjoy them, very clever thinking of the lego, Gardengirl i use to play with lego when my kids where all young, supprising what you can do with them.

16 Nov, 2009


Great blog, Dan, no bugs!! :~))))))))))

22 Nov, 2009


Hehehehehehehe I loved it Mr MacAlpine sir :o))))

23 Nov, 2009


Greaqt blog!


23 Nov, 2009


McAlpine, Bob??????????

23 Nov, 2009

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