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Dilemma: How are we 'ever' going to spend these vouchers.....?


I think I mentioned earlier in the week about the vouchers we received from Wyevale, like several others of you, and yesterday was the day we went to spend them.

We were reluctant, at first, to leave the house, as we felt quite intimidated by these 2 gangs who were hanging out on the corner of our street….

Dodgy looking characters….

We felt enclosed and trapped in our own home…..

They’d already caught and caged one little helpless birdie….

He seemed quite happy though as the food was pretty top notch although the joint was full of nuts!!

This little one just kept his head down in case they kicked off with him as well…

This one was a little braver and actually popped up to see what all the fuss was about….

Then, just when we thought we would be stuck indoors for the day, up popped the Kray twins to reclaim their Manor ….

So, with the Krays watching out for us, things slowly got back to normal at Corner Cottage HQ and we were finally able to leave the house and be on our way. We were first going down to visit my mum who is not well but, when we got there, to an empty room, it suddenly dawned on me that my sister had pre-warned me that mum had a hospital appointment this morning but being forgetful…..Ali forgot to remind me!! So, we came all the way back, having not seen mum and made our way to the GC, henceforth.

Now, bear in mind that included with the vouchers for this spend were some in-store offers and one being bags of bark chips at £4.99 – buy 5 for 3, (usually 4 for 3). So, our intentions were, to buy 10 bags of bark, getting 4 free and then claim our free terracotta pot with violas in!! Easy when you think about it, eh Lily?

WRONG!!!!! The dreaded ToT, as it has come to be known by Lily, had other ideas and obviously knew I was going there today. Why else would it put the following things in my line of sight……

3 terracotta pots down from £16.99 each to £4.99 each!!! A tray of mini Cyclamen – Miracle mixed, a tray of Polyanthus – mixed, 2 Hedera Ivys and a lovely Hebe – Lisa.

Oh, and my free viola in terracotta pot!!

Better not forget the bark…..

And the 6 packs of seeds – 3 different tomatoes and 3 different salad leaf – all for 50p each!!

Several weeks ago, the owner of one Corner Cottage HQ, planted some Autumn bulbs – Crocus Kotschyanus and Crocus Satvius – into a large half-barrel, wooden tub. Today, they were starting to show through….

Altogether now…..aaaaaaaaah!!

‘We now return to our original broadcast. Thankyou’

So, as Ali had left pretty sharpish to nip over and take her son shopping before returning with the TerrorJACdyl, I got to work on my little planting station Ali recovered for me from the garage…..a shoe rack!!

Within seconds of me placing my Hebe on the top shelf to plant on, i had alittle visitor who stayed quite a while and seemd to really like it. It was in fact, nearly 15 minutes before I could move it as he was so enjoying the flowers….

LOOK AWAY Sanbaz and Madperth……

This BIG fella was in me shed just chilling. Very helpful chap though. Got me mower out ready for me to cut the lawn!

So, all potted up and the 3 bargain pots, looked like this…..

My big yellow begonias…..

Popped these in one of the old ‘cone’ hanging baskets and they’re doing really well….

Even though I’d moved the Hebe in its new pot, our little friend found it again!!

Some new white Osteospermum have shot up this week….

And the new pots from behind….

On our way to see mum earlier in the morning, we passed a lovely big Rowan tree still full of berries. Then we got home and counted the berries on ours to compare….oh, just the 2 it is then….

And our friend wanted to check out the Cyclamen…..

This little garden spider – and he was little – just happened to get disturbed on his long web when I wnet round with Patrick….my mower, (think about it!), and scuttled back up the web to curl up on the side of the tree. His legs could do with a shave!!

Nice to see trade is finally picking up at Arachnid Hotel….

And to finish off, a couple of nightime shots…..

And how was your day…….

PS: TerrorJACdyl told Nanny this morning, when they took me to work, that he could stick his finger in her ear and it would come out the other side coz there was nothing in between to stop it!!

KIDS! So pure, so naive… honest!!!!!

Can’t you tell my good lady has gone to bed!!

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Apart from the creepy things Ob (ugh),these are smashing photo`s, I think you`ve obviously had a very good day all round. How near to your house are all your feeders? you get some great pics of the birds........

26 Sep, 2009


Great shots again Dan, the bird ones always crack me up, you have a talent on the same lines as Bonkersbon. The terracotta pots are lovely good job.
Erm .... the bark chips, did you get fish with them or were they a bit rough (woof) hehehe ......... (Doh! sorry)

26 Sep, 2009


Terrible attempt, Bob!
Dan.............. NO CREEPY THINGS PLEASE!!
The rest of the blog was great, tho your primulas dont look too mixed!! Lovely plants! How come MY GC doesnt do mixed biker blokes???

26 Sep, 2009


Another brilliant blog Dan, but please could you spare us ladies of delicate disposition the spider close ups. Eight 'biggies' indoors so far this autumn so I'm well aware what they look like !!! .... Eeeek. :o((((
It looks like you got some good trophies at the good old Temple, you didn't seriously expect to buy only what you went in for did you? lol. I'm glad you reminded me, I must take a trip to spend my 75p voucher! .....can you actually buy anything for 75p in a garden centre these days? You new pots look great planted up and the bee obviously approves too. :o))

27 Sep, 2009


Now don't try to fool me that you had vouchers for all that lot! You found some lovely plants, and I'm glad they still had the freeby viola pots.

75p?? Hmmm...not even a tiny packet of seed labels, I'm afraid, Lily! Possibly a reduced price packet of seeds?? LOL.

27 Sep, 2009


Thanks guys!

LL: The decking runs right across the front of the conservatory and another 6ft after that. I just sit on the steps and watch, wait, listen and.....SNAP!! When I'm on the steps, the feeders are about 8-10ft away.

Bob: High praise indeed, to compare my pics to Bonkersbon and for that I am very honoured but I have a way to go yet. Jane and Ray take some stunning wildlife pics and I'm extremely jealous of their garden - so many photo opps!! For the record, I had Saveloy with me chips.....remember them? When I was a nipper and Dad used to treat us to Fish & Chips from a 'not-too-local' fish bar - expensive but worth the drive, whilst the rest of my family had the beautiful fish, I always had Savaloy!! Until I got older and appreciated WHY they had the fish:0)

MP: Only the yellow have hatched so far on the primula but hope the other colours will follow soon. CREEPY THINGS - PUH! Women.....such wusses eh Bob?

Lily: The seeds only cost 50p a packet in a bargain bucket so you would even get change too!!!!! NO, I didn't expect to just buy what we went for but I reeeeeeeeeally tried to contain myself!!

Spritz: It was more than the vouchers would cover but with the vouchers, what a bargain!! They actually had shelves of the free violas, which was nice!

27 Sep, 2009


Great fun loved it thank you.

27 Sep, 2009


great blog Dan except them awfull creepy spiders, and you have a hotel for them to, wonder if this keeps them out of the house! umm,love the pics and you got some lovely pots and plants, the hebe is beautifull, i really like them,your garden looks full of colour, makes mine seem very drab at the moment, cant seem to get anything going, mind you think thats me that cant get going lol, well done:o))

27 Sep, 2009


Yeah right on there Dan PUH! women and spiders such wusses :o)))))
I remember Saveloys, huge sausage with red skin, mmmmm.
When we were in Scotland there was a chipshop in Blair Athol that was a short walk from where we stayed, they had black pudding, white pudding and RED pudding in batter, when I asked about them they said the red pudding was more like Saveloy, so I got one and thoroughly enjoyed it, I shyed away from the Mars bar in batter tho' :o)))))

27 Sep, 2009


I don't go to our local Wyevale very much because the staff are so dim and the plant quality is very poor. But popped in earlier this week (as I was passing) and found a carex 'Evergold' in the reduced bin for only £2 - bargain as it didn't look too bad at all, just a few brown leaf tips

27 Sep, 2009


Great blog (as usual!) those terracotta pots, and the spring planting....glad you got to spend your vouchers (and a bit more beside, lol :)
Greetings to all at "Corner Cottage"...especially TerrorJacdyl if he's not gone home yet...x

27 Sep, 2009


Hi your autumn crocus are more advanced than mine but I''ve got 7 out of 10 thru.

I planted 5 small tubs with 5 bulbs in each gave 3 tubs away and kept 2 at the moment mine are doing the best, but my garden is fast losing the sun.

29 Sep, 2009


Have your crocus flower some of mine have but not the ones that spouted green. I had some lovely flowers and will post some photos as soon as I get chance.
We've been on hol so hubby's been around a lot and hogs the pc. lol

25 Oct, 2009

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