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POND DEVELOPMENT....A confession to make!!!


Okay, so yesterday, Friday 31st July, I set about sorting the pond area. Ali came out and gave a hand and I took photo’s at various stages. Some of you may know that I was expecting delivery of a new camera yesterday as well: Excited, well, maybe just a tad! Want it for the wildlife pics!

Anyway, things were going okay and I was getting a few pics as I said and then we broke for lunch. Whilst sat with a sarnie, I opened my new toy, which had arrived 2 hours earlier but I had managed to resist temptation to open and use. I duly put the battery on charge for 2 hours and we carried on out back for another hour or so. Anyway, back indoors, I popped the battery into the camera and removed the memory card from the older camera to put into this one. After a few minutes of fiddling and pressing a wrong button, I had erased the memory card of it’s 5 or 6 pics of the pond development…..oooh, if looks could kill Ali! I explained that on this occasion, yes, it was MY fault, but also said that my new found friends on GoY would be understanding & sympathetic to the fact I am a bloke!!

So, without further ado, an idea of what happened during my day yeasterday:

“Rise up this mornin,
Smiled with the risin sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin, (this is my message to you-ou-ou)”
B Marley – 3 Little Birds

So, bearing in mind that I erased the pics, I can only show you the night before….

and how it is now. Left to settle in for a few days…

Not a vast difference I’ll grant you, but these things take time. We will be purchasing the surrounding ‘dressings’ on Wednesday and will continue and hopefully finish this area. What these pics don’t show – YES,I KNOW, I erased them!! LOL! – is the large amount of clay we dug out to accomodate said pond. We’ve managed to distribute most of it around but the following pic gives a mild example of the claggyness of it:

So, what else can you do with a mound of clay?


‘Oh, my love, my darling, I’ve hungered for your touch….a long lonely time…..and time, goes by, so slowly………’
Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers

….and here’s the end result…..

Amazing what you can do with a bit of imagination!!

So, I put the new box up for blue/coal tits so hope for some results there:

And then, as time was getting on and the battery was fully charged for the new camera….well – Bonkersbon understands don’t you?!! I took some pics of the visitors who are almost resident in the garden now.

See what you think…I enjoyed taking them:

‘Okay Dazza. When you’re ready…oh, you are!

‘Hang on mate….Guys ’n gals! Take up your positions please! Okay Daz, we’re ready.’

‘Thought there’d be a bigger turnout today Grace, considering he hasn’t let up about his new camera thingy!…Grace, GRACE! Are you listening to me? For gawd’s sake, get your head OUT of the seeds!’

’Right then you lot. On the count of four and we make our entrance. 1….2….3…..and….

‘Good timing girls!’

‘Why are you in such a flap? It’s only a photo!’

‘Word has it girls that the new guy over the fence has a new camera and is looking for budding models to pose for him..What say we go and check him out?’

Oooh, Angie, I’ve always fancied meself as a bit of a moodel. Can we?’

‘All sounds a bit seedy to me…think I’ll stay here thank you!’

‘Wow, Angie, you were right ar kid! He’s got a camera and he’s pointing it straight at us. Show him your best side girls. Woo-hoo, I’m at the front…the cute one….’

Seven little amateur models onthe lawn….


‘I can’t bear to look!’

‘I used to be a model you know and I can still cut it with these young whippersnappers…’

’You’re all nuts if you ask me!’

Anyway, the camera works, especially seeing as a lot of the above were taken through the window, so I picked some veggies…

Ali washed and prepped them…

…and cooked us a nice meal…the Pear cider was my idea!

So, as the sun set on another day, we put the chickens back in their coop…..

And as we lay our heads down to sleep, I’m convinced I heard voices in the garden at the bird table……

You don’t think they’ve heard about GoY do you?

Mmmm…..I wond….ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Lovely pictures and great blog. Great one of the pigeon in the rowan tree but what a shame you lost your 'work in progress' pics, always good to look back at them.
Who's the person with 3 hands? LOL

1 Aug, 2009


Love your imagination with the clay.......
Your Meerkat (Alexander?) is (want one)
The tree face is .... what can I say?........
And, as for the chickens......what colour eggs do they lay?
How does Ali put up with you?

1 Aug, 2009


Great stuff Oddbillie ..yes of course I understand but not sure that helps you any

Any consolation I managed to wipe out a whole series of our original pics thinking I d stored them in one of those on line security sites!

Love the pottery and what it turned into ..did you get Alexander from ? when checking out your car insurance .

We have a small table tripod to steady camera when shooting through windows minimizes shake and allows to almost zoom out glass.

1 Aug, 2009


great blog OB, very ammusing, the pond will be great when you have planted up, seems to take ages before you see a differance doesnt it, but bet next summer will be a whole new ball game, cant wait to see them pics"with your new camera of course" he he , by the way im with Ali, fancy deleting them pics, little kid cant wait to play with new toy lol

1 Aug, 2009


Thanks for your sympathy Lily2.

It's a wonderful thing when you are able to put a smile on someone's face. I have been smiling since I joined this site, by accident, almost a week ago and I feel like I'm amongst friends! Your blogs and pics have kept me both amused and informed for hours and for that, I thank you all.

Silverbelle: Everyone asks that - How does Ali put up with you? I better start looking for an answer :0)~

As for the meerkat - 1 of 4 in the garden - you just got look in the right places...SIMPLES!

BB: Already ordered a new carry case for camera and will be looking for the trpod next. Might look on ebay. Camera ia awesome and getting to grips with it will be fun.

SB: I'll be loading up some of the pics off the new camera shortly on my pics. Haven't checked them yet meself but hope they okay. Had fun with it this afternoon. Ali been laughing at me....oh, she's better alright!

Thanks al for your comments :0)-

1 Aug, 2009


Don't take no notice of this lot OB Losing pictures is one of lifes trials (I've lost loads) and at least you didn't lose your camera. (I've done that too).
Very funny blog and great pics. :~)))

1 Aug, 2009


Yuo have adapted to the new camera very quickly, Oddbillie. I takes me the first 24 hours to put the strap on!
And I like the way you have arranged that arrow to point to your pond! lol.

1 Aug, 2009


Not on my own then Ian? :0)- It's a man thing......

Thought you'd lost the plot Bulbaholic....arrow? Then, when I looked again, LOL! Well spotted! Might leave it there for when it's finished to let the frogs know where to go.....

Some of the other pics I've just loaded on my PC from the new camera are quite good for a beginner with it. Alihas suggested going out one day next week to look for more photo opportunites in one of the local parks. Should be fun!

Thanks both:-)))))

1 Aug, 2009


Forgot to say Silverbelle....the chicken eggs....what colour?

Ali said: 'All different colours of course!' They're quite funky don't you think? She made them to sell at a craft fair in October - doorstops!

1 Aug, 2009


I'd like a dozen of the sky blue pink ones with yellow dots please. lol.

1 Aug, 2009


I'll take half a doz. free range ones please. Lol

1 Aug, 2009


Silver & Ian.....I'll see what I can do!!!

1 Aug, 2009


Lol :~))

1 Aug, 2009


yup Ilike it!!!! greatsense of humour (almost scottish) hmmm might need to visit this sticky out bit. ;-}))

1 Aug, 2009


What a great blog, OB. Pity about the lost photos but as Ian says, better than losing the camera. (I lost my pocket camera down the loo, just slipped off my wrist as I turned to shut the door in the public toilets at Lynmouth. I did retrieve it but it never worked again!). Now I have a bigger camera that won't fit down a loo!

One correction - Jimmy Young (when he was!) did the better version of Unchained Melody!

Your home-grown dinner looked lovely. Will look forward to hearing more about the your efforts around the pond. So glad you've found a use for claggy clay. We have just dug out 18 large bags of clay from the ditch at the end of my garden. I am sending it to you - it's no bother and I don't require payment - just a pot similar to the one in the photo will do. Thanks :)

2 Aug, 2009


Carrots and spuds look good. Smashing blog. And what a great pot, you are so talented. I bet you managed to put a price ticket on it and everything! All I can make with our clay is a mess!
And real Meercats living in the gardens of Wales. Amazing. I thought they only lived on the set of TV ads!

2 Aug, 2009


Thanks all! As for the pot......well, ask the meerkats how to make one and they will say....."Okay, you must go's to the shops and buys a pot for the photies, then everyboooodies thinks you makes its....SIMPLES!!

Gee, I only hope you flush by way of habit......:0)~ lol!
Oh, and as for the clay, my potter's wheel has broken so you better keep it there in case....well, just in case!!

2 Aug, 2009


Yet another brilliant blog OB!
Gee, I think you just put his gas at a peep!
Mac, I agree, nearly as good as the Scottish SOH, but I'm half Welsh anyway, so I'd get that wierdness anyway!

2 Aug, 2009


Thanks again MP. You're very generous with your comments and it's appreciated.

I'm currently working on the next 'pond stage' as we type! Should be ready in about 15-30 mins......

Watch this space...

2 Aug, 2009


Great! Honestly, I do find your blogs really entertaining! Loved the song choices by the way!
Did you understand the gas at a peep bit?

2 Aug, 2009


Funny enough....NO!

Was going to ask but just finished and published pond development "2.

So what does it mean MP?

Enlighten me...:0)-

2 Aug, 2009


It means she shut you up! If someone comes out with a comment that stumps the other person, we say "Well that put YOUR gas at a peep!" A peep, means its turned down low!
don't know if that will help you reach enlightenment, but........LOL
Just remembered, I meant to ask, was that one of Ali's chickens you had for tea? :~))))

2 Aug, 2009


Lol! No it was one of her buttocks from when she had swine flu last week - pork chops to you and me!!

Now I know what you mean I will watch oot for ma hen!

Lol! :0)-

2 Aug, 2009


For your hen????????

2 Aug, 2009


Oh well they've said it all.....but then I'm a bit late catching up!so bood glog pimples the s on my ssssuper computers acting up

15 Aug, 2009


Mine tells me GoY is a trojan!!

15 Aug, 2009

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