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i know im like a school boy with a new playstation game but my artichokes are out at the moment in there full not normaly into flowers as such though ofcourse there beautifull,this is however a big exception.the insect life,the colour,the beauty and the beast look of the hole plant i think .the vegative plant looks so almost preastoric rough,rugged look with this sunrise of blue exploding out the top of the alian looking pineapple ish lol beast of a vegatable that i hasten to add i never eat or i wouldnt see the flower .i love it ,one of my faverites so i thaught id share it with you along with the cake me and melly took 2 days to make .we havnt made cakes since we were kids lol.i was quite pleased considering we used the wrong icing as it should of bean royal daughters a goth chick hence the not averse to skulls myself lol .i dont know if you noticed.ow and last but not least stan the man our 3 month old pug.have a hole football team of dogs soon lol

and how can i not mention my day lillies stunning asswell

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lol well you must admit if you wanted a skull and it was your first go with icing its not bad surley.tasted beter than it looked are you anyway hope all in your garden is well take care bye for now x

30 Jul, 2009


did you like my outside pictures one being my first and possibly last abstract ?

30 Jul, 2009


Never seen artichokes in flower before Lovely

30 Jul, 2009


i love the artichokes...i have picked mine to dry them.. Stan is a stunner did he get any of that cake???

30 Jul, 2009


Great cake, my sister would like that
the artichokes are brill, Ive only ever seen them when they are cooked so this is definatly a first for me
the abstract is brilliant def keep it up, that blue is gorgeous on the roses

well done to you both on the cake

what a cute pup hes lovely

x x x

30 Jul, 2009


thats not stan its frank our new pug whos 3 months old lol we now a 6 dog family lol

do ya realy like my modern art lol its made to hang in the garden as thats a concrete frame ive carved with some of the pattern.the roses my dad loved are the same with the leaf inprints round the edge.the globes have to be cut before they flower to eat but like my fennel i dont eat it .i love just the vast amount of insects that actualy seam to get drunk and stay the night .they dont even buzz properly.i dont just love the plants lets face it there is something quite amazing about a snail.i work with the insects and theres nothing my sturgeon likes better than a nice crushed snail.i water the garden from my tank and pond and then fill them back up giving them a water change.this plant is such a fave of mine and so easy to grow just for good measure.all the dogs got a bit of cake we got jerry springer whos the daddy,merkin the staffy x american bulldog who has the sweetest nature,sausage the sharpei,blanche or asbo as i like to call her ,frank the ow so chilled man french bulldog and stan the man our little 3 month pug.glad you all liked it take care bye for now x

30 Jul, 2009


Artichokes are awesome looking indeed! Little Frank is adorable - love all dogs, they are just such devoted creatures! Glassworks look fab, your garden looks healthy & vibrant & that birthday cake would scare the shorts off my wee grandson, lol!

30 Jul, 2009


You have so many talents NP , cake making as well now it seems . well done .. i,m sure your daughter loved it .
I have a cardoon growing this year ... no flower yet ...But I believe it has a big thistle head on similar to the Artichoke , I might have to wait another year for that !!
Take care xx

30 Jul, 2009


well worth it amy theres only one eye left of that cake so ill take that as a good sign.actualy glad i got you amy im doing your elephant next week so its all good then about a week to frame it and ill be paying you a little vissit and hopefully see your black and white black bird and ofcourse your lovley garden .youl have to show me your thistle beasty when it flowers and yes dogs beat most humans hands down every time

30 Jul, 2009


Catching up on you & your garden. I saw the artichokes with the TIKI in slide on your website, and am hoping for more detail on the plants. Some bamboo? Pepper vine piper niger? Great alcove/ arbor thingy there to frame the sculpture.
My headboard has artichokes carved into it: I love them so. Make a sauce w/ mayonaise thinned with yoghurt or buttermilk or milk/ lemon juice and lots of crushed garlic for dipping the leaves and heart. Yum. Some can go to flower but too delicious not to eat as well.

13 Sep, 2009


realy ive never eaten them as i love the flowers .seams like to much hassle love garlic though lol x

14 Sep, 2009


It's a taste bud thing: artichokes have cynarin which makes a sweet after-taste linger (along with the garlic). Dragging the leaves across the teeth, anticipating getting to the heart, makes for a leisurely meal to share with friends. My dogs also like to drag the spent leaves out of the trash, that and yam skins.

15 Sep, 2009


wow you makke it sound almost a sensual experiance excuse my spelling lol

16 Sep, 2009


Tis indeed one of the finer pleasures...

16 Sep, 2009


cool ill have to come to dinner lol

17 Sep, 2009

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