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i have started doing glass art firstly a sugar skull as the council wouldnt change my door so i did.i realy loved the effect.

the trouble was the art shop only had the outliner in like little tin toothpaste tubes for want of a better word or words lol.not easy as the outline is supposed to be a lead look alike and is quite stodgy.i was pleased considering the pain of glass is obviously upright and my first ever go at it.after doing that i did a little cartoony country seen.


i did this as i had done what i call modern fossils ,i want to start a busyness,i use cement and theres plenty of bare walls about.i thaught what if i cimbine a concrete frame with a picture and enjoy the arty side ofcourse.i used red dye and cherry tree leaves as they were the first at hand.i also had some gravel left over from my tank.

this worked perfectly spuring me on all the more.the next thing i did was found a picture of 4 roses called blue moon and did a glass art on that.i did it for me mum as hes passed away but she didnt like it but thats another story.perhaps it was still painfull bit i guess ill never know.ive baught a new colour cement dye called cobolt going to frame the roses in these item finished of with rose leaf impressions and good old gravel as i dont want to waste it and it will make the leaves stand out more.if im lucky ill be able to line up leaves from the glass painting with real leaf impressions round the edge.

ive actualy started glass painting my ex riot van lol starting with eyes on the back.ive bean hooked line and this space lol.

i went round me old mate jims early this morning for a cuppa rosey and a gab.anyway he noticed the eyes on my van and he knew about the fact id started doing glass painting.with that he went in his shed and got me a brand new coffee table top made of glass bevled edges the lot.never bean out the rapper.he said he baught the table years ago but they never sent the legs.they said he could keep it.i thaught id try something else this time.i thaught though its not my thing id do some abstract art instead of the normal art i a rule i dont like this kind of art but thaught it would be great practise with all the shapes and if i didnt like it i could just scrape it of.also wear the abstract goes onto the concrete fram instead of leaves id sculp the frame from the lines that come of the glass.i have a few bits of left over cement dye so i can carry on with the different colours as well as pattern.strangley enough i thouraly enjoyed doing it so far and actualy quite like like to know your thaughts on it good or bad please.bye the way thanx to everyone whos bean friendly,helpfull and generaly supportive , i realy apreciate it and love the site.i was hooked from the of plus no one judges me for my tattoos or perhaps seamint to be a bit strange and definatly looking a bit diferent excuse my spelling.its realy refreshing and thanx again.any help i can give on anything you think i mite know dont hesitate to ask as im more than happy to answer as best i can your questions.its the least i can do

im not realy that bad and though outspoken perhaps sometimes,sorry if i upset anyone i dont mean anything i consider myself a fairly inteligent friendly and helpfull persen

if youd like to see more art my web sight has bean updated

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You are such a character NP and very talented. You have given us so much to look at that I think it may take me ages to do it properly but my first impression is that I really love the blue roses. Bet that front door gave the postman a fright!!

15 Jul, 2009


PS..I wonder what Sarah Beeney would have said if you had put that door in the woodland house too!!!

15 Jul, 2009


You realy are an inspiration N.P, I love the glass paintings, Also the concrete work you do, would love to learn the ins-and-outs of that, particuarly the sand to cement ratio,s. Look forward to more of your blogs,

15 Jul, 2009


Wow! NP - you really do have a wonderful creative talent - like you I have found the people on this site to be so friendly & supportive of each others efforts in any direction they take. I particularly loved the 'elephanty like' sculpture but wasn't sure if its one of yours?

15 Jul, 2009


NP i,m thrilled that you have taken to the glass painting , you have done some lovely work .. did you know that you can buy leading on rolls for doing bigger things .. all you have to do is pull the sticky backing off lay it were you want it and use the little tool supplied to seal it in position .. I have used it on mirrows to look like stained glass mirrows and then filled in with the glass paint xx

15 Jul, 2009


id like to put it in her house lol but she probably would of liked it.her husband does art in dead animals lol.the sand to cement is 2 sand to 1 cement lol.that sounds very interesting amy im so glad your can watch a rerun of the green man property ladder on the channal 4 website.take care im glad me mates back ie amy xx

15 Jul, 2009


Wow, my two teenage boys would love to meet you!! they loveall the scary pics.Loved the pics - very talented.

15 Jul, 2009


having never met you
I could not judge you
if I ever met you
I would never judge you

you are who you are
I am who I am
and if people dont like it

poke em in the eye

x x x

15 Jul, 2009


awesome artwork. NP>
i love the blue roses...but i love it all. less strain on your back too....look forward to seeing more of your new art.....

16 Jul, 2009


thank you so much wear theres a will theres a way lol xx

16 Jul, 2009


Hi NP - I love the table top! Like you, I'm not normally too keen on abstract art, but honestly I do like this one! I'm sure people would buy this kind of thing!!!

Just an idea for you, but I've seen a few outdoor sculptures that involve stained glass / painted glass. One thing was like a figure of eight shape stood upright with the 2 holes in coloured glass - it was nice when the sun shone through. Another thing I saw was these odd-shaped bits of coloured glass kinda loosly mounted beween peices of driftwood and they were suspended up in trees so they were just hanging in space - they were really nice too. Just some ideas for you ;-)

Can't wait to see the van when it's finished BTW ;-)

16 Jul, 2009


ow cool sid i cant weight to do the van but im preparing a lot of things for this market stall wear i built the elephant and the leoperd.i think this outside picture idea is quite unique and if anywear is the place to sell it is kinda counting on it as ive won 2 tickets for cambrige rock festival but its at the same time as this.£200 these tickets are worth.sods law the first bit of live music ive listerned to in a couple of years and i can only go one or two nights .hay ho so is life lol.did you get any photos if not thanx anyway take care bye for now x

16 Jul, 2009


i love glass in the garden. it picks up all the light. maybe paint on a mirror???
there was lots of stuff u would love at glastonbury..
there was a places called trash city, arcadia, and shangri la. you can find images on google. it was the most amazing collection of sculpure ever.
who will u get to see at the cambridge fest?

16 Jul, 2009


i wish i coud of gone to glastonbury not to worry.cambridge is 4 days solid of groups so i dont know

17 Jul, 2009


the zutons are playing at cambridge. there realy good also blazin fiddles and eddi reader shes one of my favorites..hope u have fun.

check this link to arcadia out. i've never come across more amazing scrap sculpute anywhere. the virtual reality thing is cool too. i'll find some more daytime pics as its easier to see the work in the day when the nutters are all

17 Jul, 2009


brilliant thanx sandra.i truley think ive hit on a good idea with these outside pictures. what do you think ? take care bye for now xx

17 Jul, 2009


i love them NP. look forward to more....;-))

17 Jul, 2009


me to ive got a big glass toughand table top to do.i mite cut a hole out my shed wall and put that in there .be mad with a light behind it.just got to think of something to do on it.maybe some huge flowers with equaly huge colorfull insects on hem or zebra skin in another colour but im open to ideas.the glass is about 50" bye 30" take care sandra

17 Jul, 2009


Hi Np, great artwork, love the blue roses, they look really good on your new avatar.

19 Jul, 2009


thanx doc hope your good mate take care bye for now

19 Jul, 2009


NP ~ Leigh ~ I've been through so many unusual "events" in my life that I have learned never to judge a book by its cover. Some of the nicest, sweetest, kindest people I've known have been "unorthodox" in their looks. My closest friend when I was taking my mechanics course was a BIG, HUGE, biker type of fella. To look at him you would think "Oh oh!! He must belong to the Hell's Angels and be a criminal" but he was a big huge teddy bear. Such a sweetie and a softie. And one of the kindest and most sensitive people I have met was a guy who's name I never got to know. He had the look of a wild "mountain man". But he showed up at the farm to help out for free when my farmer friend Brad died suddenly. We didn't know who he was or where he came from but he just set to work and helped out. When the work was done he just disappeared again. So, it just goes to show you....looks can be deceiving. The big man upstairs makes us all different. That's what makes people special.
You have great talent and a shining golden soul.
Gilli xx

23 Jul, 2009


thanx gilli that was lovley xx take care bye for now love xx

23 Jul, 2009


Love the front door and the blue roses,the blue is so brilliant and your avatar really stands out !
I like the way you show the different stages of your work.
Look forward to seeing the van transformed :) don't forget to leave a small gap to see where you are going lol

23 Jul, 2009


cheers and thanx and all that i cant weight to do it but it cost a bit and got so much going either all or nothing in whatever i do lol.i like to show how i did it .i got nothing to hide and it just mite inspire realy is a beautifull goibg to make the front look like a police van and everyone moves out the way and lets you out more lol.the van that keeping the roses as they were my dads faverite r.i.p called blue moon and the other as its the first abstract i ever did .it will stop the dogs brighten up the garden and shine some mad colousrs going to do roubmd ones in my concrete wall with the odd mirror.the council wouldnt change my door so i did goint to start using clay again and get this show on the road.going to apserlootlee mad in the back gardem before next junes open garden.we rase charity for the st nicolas hospice.anyway ill stop running on take care bye for now xx

24 Jul, 2009

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