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water feacture running at last


just a little update on the feacture im making though its not finished as it needs uplighting ,pagoda , fish etc.the running water is the bit i think with a pond that is everything and brings another dimension and tranquility.ive bean dying for this moment as many of you have it apears and i do apreciate it.realy though its going to be a few years for it to look its best i no longer have to worry about if its going to work or not with my plumming fitting idea.i dont know about anyone else but to my mind it couldnt run any better.infact the amount running out of each head etc is about perfect.i got to get some barbi charcoal from tescos and water cress.this as ive found in my own feature works pond water apart from a touch of tannin is clearer and tastier, yes you herd right than my tap water.i have know algi and have never used a uv light to keep it clear and ofcourse theres another bonus as i can eat home grown water cress if i like so its all good.i love making things in the garden that have more than one purpous.i put my pump in a large plastic bucket with drilled holes and cover it in said water cress to.not only do i get a prefilter but as of yet in well over 10 years ive never had to clean the pump out.all i have to do is enjoy feeding the fish quite litteraly.right ill stop running on now lol ,i hope you like it as much as i do take care bye for now
ps as i said when i get it running im going to film it .if you look carefully in the mouths of the heads you can see the plumming fittings lol.

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Excellent just checked out film it’s bigger than I thought. You get a much better sense of scale seeing it running. Watercress and plumbing fixtures top job NP ! :0)

28 May, 2009


thank you so much sue hope your enjoying the weather take care bye for now

28 May, 2009


when are the fish moving in? it lookr ready now/

28 May, 2009


It's so big! Almost big enough for swimming in!

Is there going to be any planting round it to set it off, Np??

28 May, 2009


Watched your film. It is fantastic.
It is big, but it needs to be.
It looks really good.
Keep the pics coming.

28 May, 2009


a true work of art. well done np.

28 May, 2009


Oh, Angel mine, lol.

Brilliant, Nosey. :o)

Watched you working on the Centibeast too. Another cracker. :o)

28 May, 2009


ive got to let the water declorinate yet .building a pagoda out level withe the top and then im going to make my own trellis to fill the planting a blue wisteria one that i already have and im looking for a pink one the other side,ill train them to go round the back to the corner and over the top of the pagoda.i will keep the pictures comming especialy as it has to be my last sculpture and im just like that.a nutter lol but a nice one i think lol.ive got a 2000 gallon pond myself and i cant believe how many woman ,not men funnily enough ,want to make it into a chance infact if i moved into a house that had a swimming pool which is unlikely that would soon become a pond .when i began taking art seriously about 15-17 years ago a proper artist said if you do an amazing piece of art small no one will realy notice.if you did the same piece 15` wide you wouldnt help but notice.also it wouldnt be any harder infact quite the oposit.being as im a very all or nothing persen it makes perfect sense to for a penny in for a pound.if your going to do something do it properly my dad used to say.after all how many people and plants,fish etc can you fit round a 4` pond compared to a 40` pond.i think it makes perfect sense.if i had my way it would be far bigger.then i could have 15 heads and a full size dragon if you see what i mean.thanx everyone for your support.i hate blowing my own trumpet theres no need so sorry if i sound big headed.take care bye for now.

28 May, 2009


sorry for my thick blond moment what do ypu mean about angel Llew lol.

28 May, 2009


Ha, ha. The pic of you with the wings behind you, lol. Great!

We cross posted too, 'cause I just added that I'd watched you working on the Centibeast. It's fantastic, Nosey. You are sooooooooooooooo good at this stuff.

28 May, 2009


behave Llew i cant help it lol thanx anyway lol

28 May, 2009


That looks brill Nosey

29 May, 2009


thanx donnah

29 May, 2009


aparantly 1000 including labour,petrol and travel are far to much for this so im going to rise above it finish it and never do what i consider a very cheep faver with love and passion again.i am going to finish it like a robot instead of with passion and that is just going to do my own as i dont need to give me a wage.i didnt think so but perhaps im wrong so just incase it cant happen if i dont do it.

30 May, 2009


at least i know wear i stand with my dogs . i dont mean on here as you all seam very genuine to me as i realy thaught i was.

30 May, 2009


Ah, c"mon, do EVERYTHING with love & passion! It all comes back to you multiplied, even if from another direction. I really think you are a rare sculptor and garden potter: that's the work I like the best of what I've seen. The fountain on your webside with the smaller heads is a favorite. The circles/ bubble arbor /divider are organic frames of the multiverse. The feminine egg standing stone is primordial. By the way, did you fire the elephant over that pit?

13 Sep, 2009


ow thanx orgratis know the elephant is a chimnea the trunk is for the smoke lol

14 Sep, 2009


Holy smoke! Had to look up "chimnea": got it now, in New Mexico we called them horno which is more properly an adobe bread oven. Someone told me that elephants remember their past lives, but how would anyone claim to know that? Have you ever fired domes or walls or things in place like they do in Central Africa?

15 Sep, 2009


know i havnt this elephant is made of some old heating duct for the trunk,iron some of it angle for the insides , chicken wire and cement.its true of elephants they have brilliant memories

16 Sep, 2009

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