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when i moved into my house ten years ago i thaught how big it was and what a pain it would be to look after.dogs and grass do not go together very well for a few reasens.i do love fish though and wanted a was about then that i started watching garden design porograms.once i got the pond done it was all over i was hooked.luckily enough im a bit of an artist and do pottery and sculpture now. is my site if your emails on there if you have any questions .ive based my garden like my house round my lovley dogs and incorperated the dog run into the design eg the sides of the raised pond are also the walls of the dog run.i run the dogs on hard standing which is easy to hose and i never have to cut the dogs nails.i like the hole idea of loosing myself in my garden .its my holiday from i so wish i had loads more front garden has a 5` head in it with a swing over it.its from years ago and im using it to train some trees round and give the head a living frame.when the trees are strong enough ill drill in the swing and poar salt in to let it rust away.ive totaly overplanted the front.i dont get any weeds.the tongue of the big head actualy runs into a natural pond for touds.the head is hollow so the toads can crawl up his tongue and hide in it. i love the concept of using something for more than one thing.

i like to almost do what maybe you shouldnt,try things out its worth a go.if i didnt have a bad back i would love to do garden design.i couldnt just draw it and pass it to a landscape gardener.ive incorperated a long large dog tun round a lean to,garden/fire pit and 2000 gallon pond in a 40` x 20` never see gardenj makeover programs that consider dogs ever.or about people who want big ponds.bothe very populer.a big tip is never have would below ground level or next to soil and realy look at your garden in the long term and spend some quality time thinking about it and building it.i always research anything i do.

i hope you enjoy a little bit of my life.the last film is at urban jungle in norwich a must vissit if you like unusual plants.there is a link to urban jungle on my site if you are interested.surly its worth a click

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Your garden is fantastic Noseypotter , so artistic, I love the treeman . I will be off to see it in the Urban Jungle as soon as I can .
I sympathise with you on your back problem as I have a troubled back as well, I burst a disc and it,s never been right since .

27 Aug, 2008


Thanks for this tour of your exciting and innovative garden. Love the sculptures and the water features!
Best wishes.

27 Aug, 2008


fab garden you have Noseypotter, brilliant photos of your work.

27 Aug, 2008


thank you im so glad you like should so go to urban jumgle.if you wanted to look at my garden i wouldnt mind as long as you GAVE ME A BIT OF NOTICE

27 Aug, 2008


Really enjoyed the tour of your garden, I have a small fountain in mine and love the sound of running soothing, Your dogs are lovely and what a wonderful garden for them and for you.

27 Aug, 2008


thank you lorraine glad you liked it and you irish

27 Aug, 2008


Noseypotter your garden is fab. excellent idea for the dogs. I'm a bigginer so you've really given me a new prespective on how you can do things i wouldn't even have considered it really works well. Well done you, and i agree its easy to get carried away or should i re word that to enjoy your garden to its full worth.

27 Aug, 2008


I enjoyed your work Noseypotter. and I love your dogs especially the small one with a curly tail.
I do pottery things too and also drawings, and I have a bad back and shoulders etc. We seem to have some things in common.
All the best, Hywel.

28 Aug, 2008


theres 2 small ones with curly tails lol .the wrinkly one or the pug.glad i have inspired you and shown that you can have a lovley garden and dogs

28 Aug, 2008


id like to see your things blodyn

28 Aug, 2008


Perhaps I'll show some of them one day. They're not like yours - much smaller and simpler I'm afraid.

28 Aug, 2008


I love the way you combine your talents, so that your garden is quirky and fun! I dont need a special area for only one dog, but I certainly can see the need with several!

28 Aug, 2008


We are hoping to have a life - sized, full torso 'green man' sculpture carved from wood (possibly oak) as a new garden feature for 2009. It will be great to uplight it as we have installed Halogen spots and floodlights for the main features in our garden. Have you got lighting in your garden?- Your sculptures must look fantastic at night and we love your planting combinations. Great!

28 Aug, 2008


You are just as colour full as your garden : )

I love it .... Do you live anywhere near me, so i could just pop over and borrow some of your sculptures/ornaments.

28 Aug, 2008


pitty i cant do your green man with torso out of much will that be ? it doesnt matter what your arts like id still like to see lights arnt working yet as im just doing a bedroom but it dsoes look good especialy with the fire flickering over the sculptures.we use blue low voltage xmas tree lights rapped tight to the trunk of our weeping cherry and indoor low valtage lights on a wire above the heads on the water feacture.i light up the pond with spot lights and im going to uplight at a real steep angle the 2 heads.i live in thetford norfolk your welcome to come see but not borrow.there a bit heavy lol.i think being resoursfull it dont have to come from a garden centre to go in ya garden.

28 Aug, 2008


i am blown away by your garden. the whole space is magical.

8 Oct, 2008


well thank you so much in norfolk if you want a look one day

9 Oct, 2008

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