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My legs….my back! I spent all day yesterday moving plants around and now my body is going is getting its revenge. At least it’s (mostly) done!

That is…until I change my mind.

I dug up the gigantic peonies that need to move out of the way of our new driveway before it gets put in. Did I say gigantic? Because these suckers were huge. I divided one of them into FIVE smaller plants. I hope it works. The largest one I haven’t even moved yet because I’m going to need my husband to help me dig it out. That’s the last thing I have left to do.

I also continued on with the courtyard garden excavations, which are basically the same thing over and over again: battle the spiderwort. Initially when I saw the crazy leaves and cute flowers I thought spiderwort was nice. Now it is the bane of my gardening existence. I must have dug out forty pounds of spiderwort roots from like ten locations in my courtyard. And that’s even after I shake off most of the dirt! Their roots are very distinctive though, they look just like thin spaghetti tangled up, which means I can identify the roots even places where I cut down the stalks during the summer.

At one point I was digging and digging and digging a particularly nasty piece of root when all of a sudden I noticed tiny little white bulbs with very delicate roots. They were all tangled up in the spaghetti roots and were no bigger than my pinkie nail. I really didn’t know what they were, since there was no sign of stalk or sprout, but I went ahead and put them back in the ground anyway, figuring I shouldn’t assume things are ugly without evidence.

At dinner, my husband and I were talking about other aspect of the garden and I asked him what flowers and things he would like to see planted. I ask him this every so often, but he really doesn’t know a thing about gardening so he rarely answered. This time, however, he said, “Do we have an crocuses?” OF COURSE! That’s what they were! We DO have crocuses and they are so beautiful at Easter but then go away so I forgot about them completely! I’m glad I put them back in the ground instead of just tossing them out with the other things!

I planted some Tiger’s Eye Lily bulbs, as well as some lavender tulips which look a lot like peonies. Also some giant allium bulbs and various groundcovers.

Next up: moving the mother of all peonies.

PS: Here’s a picture I took of one of the pears from our tree! We got about thirty and they were extremely hard but made DELICIOUS juice!

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I'm glad you put the crocuses back in. They are one of my favourite plants. Good luck with the peony !

12 Oct, 2009


A great blog, your pear looks good too - i love pears :-)))

12 Oct, 2009


oooh well done you been doing a great job. Your spiderwort sounds like me and my creeping buttercup. Thought it was lovely...until it took over am now forever cursing my nievity!!

x x x

12 Oct, 2009


Hi Noeticblues...I don't know much about spiderwort but it sounds like a menace! Take care of your back's not 'till you straighten up after all that digging that you realise how much it hurts!!
Your pear looks yummy!

12 Oct, 2009


Hi Nb it sounds as though you have been busy, about your sign in name, I have just read Dan Browns latest book 'The Lost Symbol' and in it he mentions Noetic Science does your name have anything to do with this?

13 Oct, 2009


Hi Bobg! I started using noeticblues as a screen name about 5 or 6 years ago when I first started studying philosophy at university. I haven't ready Dan Brown's book, but something that is "noetic" is something that can be understood by one's mind or intellect.

At the time I started using it I was an angsty college student experimenting with new ideas. Now, I use it because I've used it for so long people identify it, and it's always available when other screen names aren't!

What does Dan Brown say about it?

14 Oct, 2009


Hi Nb yes it does reference the fact that Noetic's is the study of mind and using it to influence things, it is stated at the start of the book that all references are real.
Dan Brown has used it as part of the ongoing story (now a trilogy) of his main character, Robert Langdon, from 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels and Demons' the new book being called 'The Lost Symbol' I won't spoil it for you, but if you read a lot I would suggest have a look at them (if you have not already read them) and read them in order.
Cheers, Bob.

14 Oct, 2009

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