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Just Getting Started


Wow, it’s so overwhelming. I absolutely adore my house, but it is desperate need of some serious gardening.

Last month, we paid the last bill for our building contractor. That means no more 7am jackhammer alarm clocks; strange, dirty men wandering in and out; frustrating conversations with my passive-aggressive contractor; frantic phonecalls to the financial planner ("what do you mean we didn’t win the lottery?!?!).

So now I can address the pathetic bareness that is my landscaping. Here goes…somethin’.

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oooh lots of before and after pics

a blank canvas? how exciting

x x x

13 Sep, 2009


welcome to GOY :)

13 Sep, 2009


No worries you will get it all in order it looks great and lots of room for ideas and changes and make it your little secret garden. good job.

18 Jan, 2010

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