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My Daughter's Garden


By neellan


My Granddaughter’s 21st birthday party was held in the garden last week, a lovely sunny Saturday evening, there were lanterns and fairy lights strung around so it all looked really pretty.

A welcoming planter at the front door

Entrance to the garden

Looking down through the pergola

Looking back up the garden

Beautifully scented Roses on the pergola – not sure of the name though.

A Shropshire Lad – one of the many David Austin Roses

Allium Christophii – nearly over but still quite lovely

The trough gardens at the side of the house

Hope you enjoyed a browse around, My daughter and son in law have been very busy creating the garden doing all the work themselves.

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Oh how lovely Neelan, all you and your daughters hard work has paid off ?

tell me are those two planters leading to the pergola dolly tubs?
I remember mum having one before the washing machine..

brilliant use for them xxx

19 Jul, 2015


Very nice. the garden has been designed very tastefully.
And the old wall.....what a fantastic feature.

19 Jul, 2015


Looks lovely :-), great place for a party hope your granddaughter enjoyed it.
Oh I didn't notice those Pam ! My mum had one of those too and a mangle crikey how times have changed .

19 Jul, 2015


Lovely garden Neellan and a smashing place to hold a family party, I know it can be hard work but I always prefer family occasions held at home, I always think people are more at ease in their own surroundings, not easy if one hasn't got the space of course, I bet it looked very attractive all lit up, more memories to treasure...
I think they are dolly tubs and they are being put to a very good use, my mum had one as well as the old mangle, hard work in those days especially as we all had heavy cotton sheets to wash every week, not like the quick drying duvet sets we use now, thank goodness.

19 Jul, 2015


That's a lovely peaceful looking garden .

19 Jul, 2015


A lovely garden,Neellan,and the Roses are gorgeous..I love the Dolly tubs too..what a great idea..Does she have the wash board to go with them? Maybe Lonnie Donegan has it ..remember him ? Lol .Lovely planter by the door too :o) x

19 Jul, 2015


Thank you Pam, Yes they're Dolly tubs I think they look lovely, I only sourced plants Pam no digging on my part, unless it was digging them up from my garden in the first place lol! :o)

Thank you Paul, so nice of you - they will be pleased to read that :o)

Thank you Simbad Yes my Granddaughter enjoyed her party - we all did, The Dolly tubs are quite a talking point! :o)

Thank you Lincslass they were lucky with the weather it was just such a success, as you say a lot of hard work beforehand catering for so many :o) re the Dolly tubs - wash days are so much easier nowadays no rubadubdub just splash on the Vanish - job done lol :o)

Thank you Kidsgran it is always a joy to sit in their garden :o)

Thank you Bloomer it is only a glimpse of the garden really, the Roses and plants are beautiful, no washboard! yes I remember Lonny Donegan saw him many times! The planter at the front door has beautiful white foxgloves in which don't show up so well in my picture

Thank you for liking TT and Klahanie :o)

19 Jul, 2015


Your daughter's garden is lovely. They must have worked hard at it.
I really like those little troughs :)

20 Jul, 2015


Ooh now your talking Bloomer...Lonnie Donnegan

my old man's a dustman .....Putting on the style. ?happy days

20 Jul, 2015


..and Rock Island favourite :o)

20 Jul, 2015


The garden is beautiful, Neellan, an ideal setting for the birthday celebrations. I remember Lonnie Donnegan too - it also reminded me of being in a school skiffle group with 2/3 friends, I wore a non regulation skirt so I could get my leg up on the double bass (couldn't do it now) and was sent home to change. That was the end of my musical career :)

21 Jul, 2015


Thank you Hywel x I thought you would like the troughs!! :o)

Thank you Pam and Bloomer and Gee for your musical recollections I liked him too shame you didn't progress Gee :o)

Thank you Gee it was an ideal setting and the warm sunny evening was a bonus :o)

21 Jul, 2015


That made me smile Gee. We remember Lonnie Donnegan too. A cousin of ours had a tea chest with a broom pole and a bit of wire strung up and used to play the thing. Gerry still has Wreck of the old 97, and Cumberland Gap in his music selection. LOL.
Lovely garden Neellan, and well set out. Lots of work involved there. Glad you all had a good time together.

23 Jul, 2015


Thank you Lindak Lonnie and skiffle were a great favourite back when weren't they!
It is a really pleasant garden an ideal setting for the party a night to remember :o)

24 Jul, 2015


A lovely little walk around your Daughters beautiful garden I fell in love with Lancashire Lass its on my list for the next visit to the garden centre garden! I can just imagine how enchanting it must have looked in the evening with the fairy lights and heavenly scent from the roses;0))

30 Jul, 2015


Thank you PansyP glad you enjoyed your walk around, it really was a lovely evening, did you mean Shropshire Lad on your list for your next visit to the Garden centre?! it is a lovely Rose with a lovely scent :o)

Thank you for liking Samjp and Daylily :o)

30 Jul, 2015


Thanks for reminding me Neellan got the Sex wrong lol

31 Jul, 2015


LOl easily done :o) x

31 Jul, 2015


They have created a beautiful garden and it must have looked so lovely in the evening with fairy lights scattered about.

The rose on the pergola is gorgeous.

A perfect place for a party and a for a nice sit down the day after!

7 Aug, 2015


Thank you Wildrose, I love their garden and it was very pretty and twinkly! the rose on the pergola has such a lovely perfume, a lovely place to sit in the sunshine :o)

Thank you for liking Bjs :o)

7 Aug, 2015

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