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I had some "help" transplanting today!


Today I was cleaning up my main flowerbed and noticed that a few Daffodil bulbs were starting to sprout WAY too early. I decided dig them up and grow them indoors in the “test pot” that my Paper-white is growing in. Of course this gave little Mystic something interesting to watch, and he had his nose in the pot the whole time trying to “help” with this project:

After the new bulbs were transplanted and Mystic gave his approval on the project, he decided to flop near the pot and stand guard:

Shortly afterward, little brother Smokey jumped up on the table and tried to help his conked out brother guard the plants:

Mystic was sound asleep under one of the Orchids and Smokey was on patrol watching the area! Unfortunately, after about 10 minutes, BOTH of my little “plant guards” were sleeping on the job:

It sure is hard to find good “help” these days! {chuckle}

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Oh arent they both so cute they look really comfy and settled together,so much for being on guard.

20 Dec, 2009


These two little adopted babies just make my days!
I am SO glad that we were able to give them a good home...

21 Dec, 2009


Didn't you take any pictures of them in the flower bed N2 ?
That would be great to see :-)))

21 Dec, 2009


AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww they r such great Friends as well as Bruvs N2o :)

21 Dec, 2009


Such a cute scene:) my Masha is like a shadow to me - she does everything with me - making sure I do it right:)

21 Dec, 2009


Bless them my daffs have been coming through for quite awhile.

21 Dec, 2009


Didn't you take any pictures of them in the flower bed N2 ?
That would be great to see :-)))

That would be great, but Mystic and Smokey are indoor cats because of all of the native predators that we have around here. Coyotes, bobcats, hawks, owls, wild pigs, rattle-snakes, and probably some others that I haven't seen yet.
I would hate to see one of my new "baby boys" in the jaws of a predator...

22 Dec, 2009


Does that actually happen N2 ?
Have neighbours of yours had it happen ?
What a mad thing .... it's a bit difficult to comprehend that your own pet could be swallowed up by a predator !
Why couldn't you secure the garden, a 6' fence would keep the unwelcome guests out surely ? (ok, not a hawk but the ground dwellers)

22 Dec, 2009


Funny that you should mention that...
We received a printed "flier" in our mailbox, that a small dog in the neighborhood had turned up missing. He looked to be a small long-haired white colored terrier.
If the family that lost their little dog, let him play outdoors, chances are that one of the big hawks in this area might have grabbed him. Probably this one:
I photographed this one a while back and have seen him fold his wings and dive for rabbits in my own backyard more than once! His wing-span is about 4 feet and he is very fast.
This is why we keep little Mystic and Smokey indoors at all times..

23 Dec, 2009


Right !
I see your point.
Have you lost any rabbits to it ? :-(
I'd be tempted make a mesh roof/cover/run for a part of the garden so the little ones could get some fresh air.

23 Dec, 2009


Nope, the rabbits run way too fast for the Hawk and always escaped. Some of the White-wing doves have fallen prey because I have found some "feather mounds" in the trails that I have cut through the underbrush and the feathers match the colors of the doves.

That big hawk is pretty cool to watch. He has been using my trails as a way to chase prey deep into the underbrush because he can fly at wide open speed into the trail entrance and not have his wings banged up by the underbrush.
The rabbits and squirrels have learned to run at full speed into the trail entrance, then dart into the thicket, where the hawk cannot follow them.

It's pretty cool to watch mother nature "adapt" and change over time as the native animals take advantage of their surroundings. :-)

29 Dec, 2009


Just how large 'is' your garden then, N2 ???
You make it sound huge, you live in a town so imagined a town-sized garden.

29 Dec, 2009


Our property is a normal residential size, but our house is the very last one in a development area and we have neighbors to the north and west, but our property to the south and east is raw mother nature and wide open areas. That is one of the reasons that I have never built a fence in the backyard. To the south, we have a 125 acre farm field and to the east, we have several square miles raw undeveloped underbrush and wooded areas.. It it beautiful!

30 Dec, 2009


Ahh, yes, the wild animals can just wander in then.

30 Dec, 2009


My wife just hates the "wild side" of our backyard, but I absolutely LOVE it because I have had the privilege of seeing "raw Mother Nature" at work every day and have learned SO MUCH from simply watching.. Few people do that..
Just sitting on the back porch and watching the animals and birds "do their thing" can teach you SO much, if you are open to the little changes that nature does on a daily basis. It is fascinating to watch! :-)

31 Dec, 2009

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