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Follow up on my "bulb forcing experiment"!


A few days ago, I posted a blog about “forcing bulbs” and had purchased two identical bulbs for the experiment. Here’s the blog: Forcing a Bulb experiment
I had a bulb that was trying to climb out of it’s container pictured here:

The weather turned sour and we had a hard freeze this weekend so I moved my experimental bulbs inside:

I had replanted the “climbing bulb” a little deeper into its’ container of lavasand and reduced the water level that it received and it has taken off like gangbusters! Note the difference in overall height between the “forced bulb” and the companion bulb in the pot.
Here is a closeup of the newly replanted “forced bulb”.

It is looking great on the new diet of Garret Juice and the newest Thrive mix

No, I don’t sell this stuff. I evaluate and test the latest technology that organic growing has to offer as an independent evaluator and post my results. THIS impresses me.. We’ll see how the two “test bulbs” do over the winter months growing indoors and under artificial light. I just hate the “light variable” because that kind of throws the experiment away from how nature does business.. :-)

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I do wonder if the forced bulb will be as productive for as many years as the non forced bulb? Therefore be more costly to keep replacing?

6 Dec, 2009


That is an interesting point Drc....Mind you, if it is getting the same nutrients as the non forced bulb there shouldn't be a difference unless there is a difference in the root development. Hmmmm...

7 Dec, 2009


Sorry didnt quite read it clearly (getting old you know!!) and thought you'd planted it in soup!!! till I went back and read your blog again!!!

7 Dec, 2009


I suspect that the bulb grown conventionally in the rich organic soil will probably do better in the long run. This is the purpose of this experiment. What I am hoping for is that the organic bulb will outlast the artificial one and prove that the organic growing method utilizing rich well prepared biologically active and balanced soil is the key to long lasting healthy plants. This will be MOST interesting to observe over the winter, now that both plants are indoors in a stable temperature and in a very well lit natural light condition. ;-)

11 Dec, 2009

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