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New in the office room!


I found the best computer mouse pad in the world!
The Summer edition of “Garden ideas & Outdoor living”!

I use a Microsoft optical mouse and it tracks beautifully on the surface of this gardening magazine cover! Must be the colors and textures.. {chuckle}

Also in the office room, the experiment with bamboo and ivy growing in a water and Garret Juice mix is growing like crazy! The bamboo stalks now have great looking growth that is about 4" high. The roots of both plants are spreading and I may need to put them in a larger cup pretty soon. Once the roots start to circle, it’s time for more space:

These have been growing in an organic liquid solution for about 7 months.
I have never seen any plant survive this long without soil ! Amazing!
Yes, that is a discarded CD under the cup to prevent water stains on my “tube type” console stereo. {grin}

To answer any questions from “old timers” that remember “record players”, This one is a working General Electric record player console that my parents passed on to me!

It works great and even has original replacement needles and felt record cleaning pads from the early 60’s. Granted, it’s not a “plant”, but it’s a “time-capsule” from an earlier era. I just love it!

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Your record player is wonderful and what an ingenious mouse pad Lol. !
The bamboo and ivy growing in the liquid solution looks fascinating. I would be pleased to add the photo to my recent Cuttings in Rainwater blog. and maybe you could put a comment on the thread below on the same blog. Thanks.

26 Aug, 2009


Have had experience with the dracaena sanderiana (lucky bamboo) and pothos (epipremnum aureum) growing in water-filled bottles for many years. We would clean out wine bottles (the green Mateus bottles were pouplar), cover the bottom with little pebbles and then fill them with water - these were considered the latest in houseplants during the late 70's and early 80's here in Oz - everyone had to have one or two! One of my pothos specimens lasted for seven years until we moved house.
Love the old record player too - it's a beauty. We've still got records and a record player (not as old and lovely as yours though) and we love our record nights!

26 Aug, 2009


That's awesome, Berneih!
I have been watching how the root system of the bamboo develops VS the Ivy in the little cup and both of them seem to be thriving so far.

You still have "records" and still play them?
Scary! Everything today has gone "digital" and most of the "kiddies" have long forgotten the sweet sound of "vinyl"..

It's kind of like the long lost "art" of talking to plants as you amend the soil that they are growing in.. Some things never change.. {chuckle}

26 Aug, 2009


Actually N2organics the root system of the pothos (epipremnum) was so extensive it had started coming out the top of the wine bottle in the end - there was barely room for the water! - and it was still thriving.

Yes we still play our records - just last night we listened to the Beatles' White Album and Queens' A Night At The Opera! - from the sublime to the ridiculous (won't say which is which).

26 Aug, 2009


Well that radiogram fetched back afew memories, love your mouse pad.

26 Aug, 2009


Oh Berneih, my wife is an old Beetles fan and some nights, we'll peel out a few albums from her collection and fire up that old console.. We'll usually have the computer running at the same time looking at early photos of our new home and how far the landscaping has come in two years. {chuckle} It makes for some great background music! :-)

Clarice's comment is priceless! A "radiogram"? I remember that from the 70's... "Ham Radio operators" used to send those way back in the day and still do! (My wife & I are both current licensed "Ham Radio Operators"}

Yes, the mouse pad works great! {Chuckle}

27 Aug, 2009


Hey N2 the kids don't know what records are LOL they only know cds and that may go on the wayside with the digital downloads and mp3 players...When we were kids the phones got their signals from a wire and the tvs got their signal from the air...Now our phones get their signals from the air and our tvs get their signals from a wire.

never dreamed technology would change the way it has...makes me courious...Whats next.

27 Aug, 2009


Kmccue07, The coolest thing is that the technology that grows plants well has not changed in millions of years!
Plants were here on "Mother Earth" LONG before us humans were and still respond to what Mother Earth has fed them over the centuries...
A simple life-form that responds well to a little good old fashioned "TLC".. I suppose that is my fascination with organic growing and landscaping.. The little plants just want a good growing environment and they then start "showing off" once that biological balance is around their roots.. I just love it!

28 Aug, 2009


OH!!! so true on that one!!

28 Aug, 2009


Kmccue07, What I have found is that when any plant is in an optimum growing environment, certain diseases that normally afflict a particular plant are held to a minimum because of the basic soil health. The most common source of "plant problems" is the plant being in a "stressed state". When that happens, Mother Nature sends in the parasites to find out what is happening.
A plant in "stress" will produce an increased "sugar level" up into the problem area to help the stressed growth area and native parasites can sense that increased sugar level. The "Wood-pecker" can sense this in trees and in shrubs, boring bugs can sense this in smaller plants. It's FASCINATING to watch all of the interaction!

29 Aug, 2009


You didn't mention this in your description, but your stereo appears to be a General Electric "VacuMagic" -- a rare breed of record changers that has a small vacuum cleaning nozzle in the headshell. Along with the built-in dusting brush, the VacuMagic vacuum cleans the surface of the record as it plays. Dust goes into a canister in the bottom of the cabinet. The "Record Saver" slot in front of the record changer allows you to tilt a record out of it's sleeve into the slot, then pick it up without ever touching the grooves on the record. Putting the record back in it's sleeve is done in the reverse order. Quite a special and rare model. They were only made for one model year, circa 1965. Congrats on the inheriting of it!

23 Jan, 2018

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