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Lethal chemical!


I normally treat fire ant mounds with Orange Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar to kill them, but I shot this one with some leftover “Ortho Hornet Killer” to see what would happen and look at what it did to the grass!

It not only killed the ants, but killed everything else!

Be VERY careful with this product if you have to use it around any plants!
I learned the hard way.. Hopefully some activated charcoal worked into this area will absorb the chemical toxins and bring the grass back.

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Oh dear n2 no more Orange oil or Apple cider for you ,Apple cider on it`s own sometimes can be lethal but we all learn by our own errors........happy gardening...:~))))

16 Aug, 2009


Sorry n2 read your blog quick ,Hornet killer looks pretty strong stuff better then to stick to your Oil&Apple Cider:~))))

17 Aug, 2009


The Hornet killer apparently had some "pyreathra" in the mix which is toxic to all living organisms.

20 Aug, 2009

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