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Mammoth Sunflower update!


My newly planted Mammoth Sunflowers are starting to produce “baby heads” that will soon become those huge 1ft diameter “seed factories” that the birds love so much! Here is the most developed one:

I also noticed a very unusual Sunflower growing from the seed mix that had a purple trunk, unlike the others and had an interesting looking bloom:

All of the stalks of the other Sun Flowers looked like this:

A nice light green color with the usual “fuzz” that you will see, but the unusual one had a cool looking purple stem that I have never seen before. Here is another photo with the flash turned off and you can see the natural color of this “mystery purple Sunflower”:

The “purple stemmed” Sun Flower appears to be some kind of a seed mutation that is very different from anything that I have seen and the flower head is about 5 inches in diameter. Larger than the natives, but far smaller than the Mammoths.. MOST Interesting! Has anyone seen something like this?

I just wonder if the highly organically enriched soil that they are growing in might be causing some kind of natural mutation that alters the plant..
This is VERY cool to watch!

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Oh wow...looking forward to photos of this baby's progress N2...sunflowers are a special flower for me as my brother loved them but I've only grown a few with any success this year. How fascinating to have a purple one!

28 Jul, 2009


Love the dark burgandy one lovely colour. I have grown sunflowers as well this year but they dont have any flowers yet

28 Jul, 2009


Will love to see what these look like - had only seen red sunflowers in the store...

29 Jul, 2009


Simply beautiful. I planted some mammoth sunflowers the end of May and all I have are stalks like eight feet tall and no heads yet . When will I get heads like yours. This is my first time growing sunflowers.

29 Jul, 2009


A little "update"...
The Mammoth sunflowers have now exceeded 10FT and are out-growing my clumping Bamboo (which should grow 6 inches a day). {chuckle}
I'll have to take some new photos of the bloom heads.. They are looking awesome!

30 Jul, 2009



4 Aug, 2009


ive just asked the question why are some of my should be yellow sunflowers purple/red. The seeds were out of the same packet. This is my first yr at growing anything. im shocked at some things ive grown. A 17inch runner bean it was longer than my dog. A sunflower 92 inch high and it has 10 flowers on one stem? should this happen?

10 Sep, 2009


Tropple, it sounds like your gardening area must have a rather spectacular biological balance! What type of soil do you have? Sandy? Clayish? Loose and looks like compost?
The makeup of the soil determines the quality of the plant growth regardless of where anyone lives. ;-)

15 Sep, 2009

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