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Rock garden video!


I can’t believe that I unearthed this old project:
(youtube video link}

I spent WAY too much money on this garden and did not have a clue about plants and gardening back then.. Yes, it’s still there at the edge of the driveway and the plants have grown a bunch! So have the weeds! The weeds re-seeded through the “weed barrier” that I put down in the beginning and this one has become quite a “handful” to maintain..

This little area is still special and I’ll get around to re-vamping it when the temperature gets a little cooler..
Note the tall rock at the back of the bed and the pea-gravel in front of the vertical rock.. When I finished the garden at around 9:30 am on July the 1st, the large vertical rock cast a shadow and I laid out pea-gravel in the exact shape of the shadow. The shadow of the vertical rock will align with the pea-gravel outline only on that exact date each year! Pretty cool “signature” to the garden’s beginning.. I know that the same method was applied to “Stonehenge” and it was just one of those “cool little tricks” that I wanted to incorporate into a VERY expensive project. {chuckle}

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Very clever idea N2. Thats just the sort of thing I would never think of doing Lol.
One question though, do you think this lovely bed will last as long as stonehenge has ? :~))

20 Jul, 2009


Hay I just visited your utube thingy, that was great, I didn't realise you could put things like that on there, I thought it was all about pop songs and the like.
Not only are you a brill gardener but you can do things like this as well (obviously I haven't got a clue about utube. Lol)

20 Jul, 2009


Ian, I always try to think "outside the box" with landscaping and everything that goes on.. The combining if the internet, computers, and organic gardening has possibilities that I have only "scratched the surface of"..
My real goal is to use technology mixed with a healthy dose of good 'ol organic "common sense" gardening to help the plants.. After-all, aren't plants why we all gather here?

To answer your "Stonehenge question"...
Plants will always be the dominate life form on this planet, LONG after we are all gone. They were the very first life form here and have always thrived in one way or another over the billions of years.. That's what makes them SO addicting
to grow and care for! {chuckle}

21 Jul, 2009


Without a doubt N2, plants will always outlive mere humans and reclaim any space that comes available. After nuclear disasters, plants are the first to recover and where humans have left a place, for whatever reason, it does'nt take plants very long to take back what is essentialy 'theirs' anyway.
As for the technology side of things, I'm lost past 'internet' 'browser' and 'website' Lol

21 Jul, 2009


Aren't plants a pretty cool "life-form"?
It never ceases to amaze me, the day to day struggle that plants endure.. It is always a fight for survival, who can shade the other and cut off the light, or who can grow on the host as a vine and take over to get to the light...
Some plants can be rather "ruthless" in their pursuit of life, but the avenues that they all chase to survive is fascinating to watch!
I am lucky to have a huge wild area around my home where I can observe and study native plants. The interaction and growth is fascinating to watch!

23 Jul, 2009

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