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Winter Pansy is dieing.. :-(


I have been nursing a winter Pansy through this record heat and drought here in Texas and it looks like the little trooper is loosing the battle with the intense heat:

The little guy has been growing in a super rich organic mix in a hanging basket that receives very little direct sunlight and has been fed with the best organic food that money can buy to see how long it could last. Tonight, it was barely hanging in there, with very little “green” left, so I gave it one more treatment of my special compost tea and sea weed mix. We’ll see what happens tomorrow morning. The low tonight will be a blistering 82 deg F, with a predicted high of 105 F tomorrow afternoon.
It this little Pansy survives, he will have broken all records! Please pray for my little trooper, that has lasted this long..

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I shall wait to see your next picture - hope it works!

21 Aug, 2011


N20, just to let you know Pansy's hate the heat of any sort I remember being told this at a nursery I use. Looking at your picture it certainly looks as if it's had it. If you take of the dead bits and put somewhere with some shade it might survive.... Good Luck.

21 Aug, 2011


Stickitoffee and Stripes,
I am sad to report that it died. I was expecting that..
The good news is that the little guy survived the most intense summer here in Waco since the '50's and survived well into the latter part of August, which has never happened before! Past "test plants" were usually dead in the late July time-frame.
This one was transplanted into a new organic potting soil mix that contained some great volcanic rock sands plus a big dose of earthworm castings to give the microbes a little "food to eat". I also fed it with compost tea, liquified seaweed, and sugar to help the biological activity and microbial fungi in the feeder roots early on.
This little guy taught me a lot about basic soil prep and he'll be missed. :-(
The up-side of the story is that I know EXACTLY what to do for all of my other plants, to give them the optimum growing environment for any weather related changes!
This will be COOL to experiment with...

23 Aug, 2011

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