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A long time allotment gardener in Yorkshire. I have been gardening and growing my own for the last 11 years in various places.

I'll try and grow anything once, sometimes they even work !

I'm originally from Northampton, and my family still live there. I am married to a wonderful country girl from Lincolnshire, we have no children (yet).

I make our own bread (by hand, no machines used), and grow our own veg. We make chutney and pickles, jams and marmalade. Occasionally I make hard cheese (it usually comes out like Wensleydale) or soft cheese depending on what we want. Also we make our own sausages (both pork and lamb).

We do a lot of scrumping, and get as much free goodies as we can from hedgerows and sites in the local area as we can.

And the photo is of Mr Bear with a pumpkin wot I grew.

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