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What a week that has been!


Mrs MK has had a big proposal to write for her work, so I have been doing a lot of proof reading and checking for her.

On Saturday (last weekend) I managed to tear a muscle in my back, not too badly I am happy to say, and by the back end of the week I was back at work. But it does mean that all I have done is harvest from the allotment.

This has been compounded by the weather we’ve had up here in North Yorkshire, we’ve probably had enough rain up here to float a battleship, or at least a courgette.

Courgettes. Now they are the bane of my life at the moment. Courgettes are the one thing that I know I can grow. And grow and grow. At the moment we are getting 4 or 6 a day, so we now have what is probably the next EEC courgette mountain. And this is despite the fact that we are eating courgettes at every meal (more or less) there does not seem to be an end to them. We have a great recipe for courgette bake, we roast them, we stuff them, yet the courgette mountain does not go down.

So if anyone has a courgette recipe they want to share then please feel free, we’ll try anything once!

So the first time I have really been to the allotment was today (Sunday). I have managed to do a lot of weeding and hoeing. I pulled up part of the mange tout, I was going to pull it all up but it seems to be flowering again, so I left some in. In place of the pulled up mange tout I have sowed some more turnips and some spinach, so with a little luck I’ll have a few more fresh vegetables in the Winter.

I picked a lot of peas, almost a kilo of French beans and dug up some potatoes. Now I know that the world of comedy veg went out with That’s Life, but I have to admit that I have a curiously shaped potato. This is it…

The greenhouse is going well. I have got half a dozen cucumbers growing in there, and for me that is amazing as I have never grown cucumbers before, so the fact that I have any is amazing to me. This is my first cucumber. It tastes wonderful, and especially when combined with the tomatoes from the greenhouse, the cold potatoes, the spring onions and nice fresh lettuce. All we need now is the sunshine back please.

The rest of the allotment is going really well. The beetroots are great, so much so that I have started using them in soups and roasted veg, I have made some chocolate beetroot brownies (yum yum). Well there is plans for all of the allotment and i am considering what I can grow now that some things have stopped producing … but more of that next time.

Autumn may be the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, but Summer is definitely the happy time for me.

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Hi Mk I have a Zucchini soup recipe that my wife uses that is absolutely gorgeous, I will PM it to you, Mmmm those chocolate beetroot brownies sound nice, would'nt mind that recipe :o)))
Your potato looks like a heart?

20 Jul, 2009


I think its his allotments way of saying thank you for looking after me !!
As usual MK, I'm insanly jealous of your allotment :~))

20 Jul, 2009


How about a zucchini loaf?

21 Jul, 2009


Thanks Mk that recipe is now filed for future making :o)) My wife hates it when I get a recipe as she has to help me out if it goes wrong, thats not often but I have had a couple of disasters whilst attempting to cook, maybe its the multi-tasking thing?

21 Jul, 2009


Oh blummin' 'eck...did I just call you 'Mucky Knees'? Sorry....'MUDDY Knees'.....I'll try to get it right in future, or risk being cut down in the crossfire......


25 Jul, 2009

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