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Wednesday 29th April
The sun has most definitely got his hat on today. After a bit of a misty start the sun was trying to show his face at 6:30 this morning and you could tell it was going to be a nice day eventually, so it was no surprise to me that today ended up being a lovely day.

In all I reckon we have had at least a good inch of rain in the last 2 days, which has done us no end of good. After work I went to the allotment to see if there was any weeding needing doing and had another go at the dandelions that had appeared on the plot. Some of you that read this and the previous blogs may have come to the conclusion that I hold a bit of bias against dandelions. That’s not true. I also hate thistles. Admittedly I admire the way that they come back again and again and again, it’s just that they aren’t my chosen crop and I would rather not have them on my allotment. Anyway, out they must come.

The second early potatoes are now starting to appear, the broad beans are now well and truly covered in flowers and I managed to get my very first crop of spinach this year.

After the joys of the allotment I went home and checked on the progress of the greenhouse. Everything is going well, the nasturtiums are now up. The only problem is that the greenhouse is getting full and I may need more room soon for other things !!

I really love this time of year as it always fills me with hope for the future. Spring to me is full of the anticipation of the year to come, the preparation, the joy of new life. You plant things into the ground and care for it. You wait. You watch it start to come up, see those little green shoots poke their heads above the soil with promise. It’s at this point that I marvel at what seems like the ultimate power and determination of a plant to grow. Ponder for a moment the humble cabbage, a little ball of a seed less than 2mm across gets buried under 8 times it’s height in soil, and still it manages to germinate and force it’s way up into the light and down into the soil to gain the nutrients it needs. I find it truly amazing every time something grows.

I only mention this because my cucumbers have appeared! The only reason that this makes me happy is that I have never grown cucumbers before, so for me it’s something of a landmark. And now I have a chance to nurture them for the next few months and hopefully reap the rewards later in the year. I was so happy I took a photo…

Simple things please simple minds, and for me the simplest things in life are definitely the most rewarding.

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Simple things are also free too, raindrops in lupin leaves, sunbeams from underclouds, blossom on the neighbour's trees.
lovely blog muddy knees :o)

29 Apr, 2009


Ah Sbg, a poet at heart!

I had to laugh at your photo, it's exactly the sort of thing I'd do!! I agree with the simple philosophy, if only everyone else would!

29 Apr, 2009


today has been one of those days . standing with my head up, eyes closed, listening to the birds and breathing in the lovely scents of the lilac starting to open. magic!

i'm really 'simple at heart' lol

30 Apr, 2009

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