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If there’s no rest for the wicked, when was I so bad?


That’s definitely been a good weekend. It was by no means a restful weekend but it was a busy one. The weather up here has been sunny with light cloud every now and then.

The allotment has had a good weeding, I’ve gone over the whole allotment and taken out the weeds that are growing, and it’s very satisfying to have the damn things removed. While I was weeding I took out the last few remaining leeks that were left over from last years crop, most of them were seeding or just about to so, they’ve all gone on the compost heap. While they were up I cleared the area that they were in of the grass and weeds around them, so now the allotment is finally completely dug. Hoorah for that!

I’ve banked up my first earlies, so they have some more protection and the plot is starting to look like it has spuds in again.

Lots of things are ready for planting from the greenhouse, so to make some more room I have been busy.

Brassicas first. I’ve put in the cauliflowers – ‘all the year round’ and filled up the gap with some spare summer cabbage –‘greyhound’ and ‘Marner large white’ and calebrese –‘Monterey’. I gave the spare Kale –‘darkibor’ to a few of my fellow allotment gardeners, as the 12 plants I have in should last me all the Autumn and Winter. There are still some red cabbages –‘red flare’ and more cauliflower as well left in my greenhouse.

I put in a row and a half of spring onions –‘white lisbon’ and more carrots – ‘Amsterdam forcing’ and ‘Autumn king’ too from the strange box section I use to grow them on. So now I have carrots in 4 waves, the first from the box section now with foliage about 2 inches high, the second from the box section with foliage about an inch high, the third sown direct into the soil, with just the 2 initial leaves showing, and the fourth still to come up. I won’t bother sowing any more for a month or so.

Incidentally I counted the parsnips as well, I sowed 16 seeds and 12 have come up (at the moment), admittedly just the initial leaves are showing, the true leaves are yet to be seen. Not a bad return really for 2 year old seed.

Whilst sowing seeds I have put in 2 rows of swede –‘best of all’, they should be up in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted. I’m quite trepidatious about swede as I have never grown them before, but have developed a taste for them last year.

I’ve sown some more broad beans –‘witkiem manita’ as well, to fill in the gap from a plant that died, and to provide some succession as well. I know it’s very early but the first flowers are appearing on the beans, and they are still quite small. Very promising though.

The poles are up for the runner beans. I know they won’t be sown for a good few weeks yet, but at least the poles are there for a marker.

Some French beans –‘sprite’ have been sown as well. I’ve put in a row to provide some succession to go with the plants that are already up and waiting in my greenhouse to go in.

In between doing all this I saw an orange-tip butterfly, and I’d never seen one before. Unfortunately it didn’t land so I couldn’t get a picture.

Everything had a good water, so I am happy that things are being looked after. According to Countryfile there is going to be some rain next week, which will be a benefit, it will make it a bit cooler but I can live with that.

In the greenhouse I have a lot of stuff ready to go in to the allotment, but the books and guides all say to put them in ‘late May’ to avoid frost, so I will leave it for a few more weeks before the sweetcorn –‘landmark’, French beans, courgette – ‘satellite’ and ‘optima’, butternut squash –‘butterboy’ and pumpkin –‘hundredweight’ go in. The leeks – ‘Autumn Giant’ needs a month more before they go in as well. My beetroot can go in in a few weeks. The lettuce needs a bit longer as well. This shows how full the greenhouse is…

We also managed to go shopping and bought some growbags for the tomatoes, some plants for the garden and a few other things as well. But at least we’re prepared.

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Goodness, you have been busy! No rest for the wicked, as you say, but does your wife not help you out?. Well done for getting the weeding done!

Love those shelves in the greenhouse, ingenious!

Do you get many pests on your plot? Just wondered..... (D'oh, the wildlife sort, not 2 legged hooligans, lol!)

26 Apr, 2009


I sincerely hope you don't get any vandalism! How awful would that be!

26 Apr, 2009


you have been busy, i have planted some of my beetrrot and runner beans already i hope they do not get damaged by a possible frost :-(

27 Apr, 2009

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