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Had a very busy few days, I planted out the sweetcorn and courgettes last weekend and today I have tied and staked the sweetcorn to give it some more support, later I will plant some peas around the stem of the sweetcorn (3 sister method that I have read about)
Planted another row of beetroot, also planted out some lettuce.(Webbs & Iceberg)
Hubby and I have built a cage around the brassicas and I have cut the lawn front and back and reseeded the patchy bit where the kids pool has been over the last 5 years.

I have 2 sisters and over the last few days have given them both some lettuce from the greenhouse, as I am now making room for the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers which I have put into bigger pots. Took out one of the staging too.
I am trying so hard to give them some spare peppers and tomato plants, but they have not been and got there grow bags yet..

I have this week off work yippee, so know doubt I will be pottering around the garden…could do with painting the fence and shed’s if the weather is nice.

Planning also to go to Wentworth Castle Gardens and Old Moor RSPB with the camera this week..I will post the photos once i have been. Will be great to see how the Castle Gardens have come on since i was there last (2007)

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Whew, I'm exhaused just reading about all that work Mrsm. How does the 3 sister method work - do I need sisters!?

10 May, 2009


haha ...nope you do not need sisters

I am using peas instead of beans, hope it works out...

Planting the "Three Sisters" is a companion planting technique which was heavily utilized by Native Americans for hundreds of years. Corn, beans and winter squash are the "Three Sisters". Companion planting is simply grouping plants together that benefit each other in some way. Beans affix nitrogen into the soil, corn is a heavy feeder. Planting beans with corn provides the corn with nitrogen and the corn in turn provides the beans with a structure to climb on. The prickly vines of the winter squash helps keep critters away from the corn. Planting corn, beans and winter squash together also helps when there isn't a lot of gardening space.

10 May, 2009


You have been busy MrsM. Well done.....I'm getting really behind....haven't even planted my cucs yet. That will be a job for my day off on Tuesday along with my melons. Good luck with your 3 sisters method....peas should work just as well as beans I would think.

11 May, 2009


my veg patch isnt doing as well as your Mrs M, thats great for you well done

next year I will try better

x x x

11 May, 2009

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