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My husband and I have a largish garden with flower borders, a rose garden, some fruit trees and bushes and vegetable beds. The soil is pretty heavy clay and although the garden has been in existence for over 100 years (the house is late Victorian) the soil is in pretty poor condition in places and we are forever digging up large stones/boulders and bricks! One flower border is backed by a long hedge of privet, holly, elder and various other interlopers. The other border used to be covered by a concrete path and the soil is very poor, with lots of stones and heavy clay. To complete our joy, we have bindweed pretty well everywhere!! We are rather ignorant and inexperienced gardeners but keen to learn more, although a lot of gardening books seem to assume quite a lot of knowledge. Basically we need Gardening for Dummies - or a friendly gardening neighbour to ask for advice which we are hoping this site might prove to be!

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