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Snow's away...


Finally we have bare earth again, the snow having melted over Sunday and yesterday. In fact having been -7C towards the end of last week it was 11C in the garden an hour ago.

We are both itching to get on and start sowing, especially as today and tomorrow are very god days for sowing leaf crops but, alas, the ground itself is still very cold and and any seeds we plant will simply sit dormant for at least a month. If you live in a milder part of the UK you could start seed in a propagator and greenhouse for planting out next month.

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I'm itching to get on with things here too MoonG. But I still have a fair bit of snow in the garden. I have started some seeds in the basement under lights so we'll see how they get on.

18 Feb, 2009


We will sow seed of salad leaves and other brassicas in a pot and put in the greenhouse - hopefully this will give them a start so we can plant them out once the ground is warmer. When we had our 3 acre croft we never tried doing that, just sowed direct into the ground as we were growing on a large scale but think it is worth a try on this scale.

18 Feb, 2009

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