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By mookins


how can one little walk turn into a drama

Il tell you…
After catching sight of my ever in creasing large behind on holiday I thought enough is enough. So i dragged out my trainers (still in their box) and my Breast Cancer campaign volunteer Tshirt (raise awareness when I can ) Cody had on her trainers,Parasol and her juice and jumped in her buggy and we went off for a long stroll. Wish I had taken my camera and some puners could have got some cuttings on my way.

Anyway we havent lived here for that long so I thought a wander would be great, and some of the houses near us are fab. Living in Horning “The Jewel of the Norfolk Broads” so Im told a lot of the houses are bloomin expensive especially if they have a boat awning area, one near me even has a tennis court!!.
Anyway we had only been out 5 mins tops and a chap was laid in a back road, mumbling to himself. I ran over with Cody and he was bleeding from his forehead, drunk as a skunk!! Not even lunch time and hes absolutely S*#t faced!
I asked if he was ok and he said" Il be fine once I get on the bench", I said I would get some help, Il be fine he drawls, but your bleeding I persisted, well I would be he said I fell over!!

Cody and I went and banged on 2 doors and nobody was home, when I spotted a man walking up the road, I waved him thinking he would rush over, but he just plodded along!!
“Hes an old Drunk” said the man
“No shit” said I “But hes an old drunk whos bleeding”(scuse the language, but what a pig)
The chap promptly dragged the drunken man to his feet and parked him on a bench!!
“he’l be fine there” and he walked off.. Now dont get me wrong its hot and the bloke is drunk and bleeding. What do you do? A lady had also walked up and said that he lived near her and he often gets himself into these states and gets home again. So after carefully picking up his bag (throwing his new cans of special brew (yuk) in a bin (not my place to say dont drink but in his state he needed no more) Cdy and I left him…

Now lots of you are probably screaming at their computer screens call a paramedic or the police, wait with him.
Three reasons why I carried on walking
1, My little girl is 2 and half and could see him and we could all smell him and after explaining to her whats happened whilst he rants on with very bad language, enough is enough.
2,Apparently he was also the one who has rang the fire service many times on drunken occasions to say he has a fire, which turns out is his ashtray with a lit ciggerette, and a coal fire (supposedly a joke to him)
3, He had wet himself.

I find it very sad to think people have a reliant on things like drugs and alcohol etc etc, but when my daughter is with me nobody else matters. For a growm man to drink himself stupid and wet hiself in front of my daughter (whilst we are trying to get her not to do this) infuriates me. We all have had problems in our lives, some more than others I for one have had enough in my past to last a life time but do I do this!!

Anyway back off my milk crate we found some great places and a little pond with a bridge that had the sun gleaming through the branches it was magical, so now we are back home Ive showered and dug out my camera ready for tomorrow and we will go off again.

Oh and whilst Ive been writing this ive polished off 2 bags of crisps and a wispa!!

so the bum gets bigger

oh well

x x x

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Well done Mookins a lot of people would have walked on by. You showed great respect for mankind even if mankind had no self respect for himself!
Pleased you enjoyed the crisps and wispa you deserve them.

16 Jul, 2009


I hope your little snack was nice Mookins !!!
Isn't it unfair how bits of us have to keep getting bigger :(

16 Jul, 2009


Id rather the bigger bits were up top but they seem to have bypassed this section completely

mind you the Curry and Naan bread Ive just scoffed may not help me either ...;o)

think hubby thinks Im pregnant hehe
xx x

couldnt walk past even though I could have got drunk on the fumes

x x x

16 Jul, 2009


I also come across that over here Mookins quite a lot have helped manys a person who were that drunk.

16 Jul, 2009


Good on you Mookins, taking the time to at least get him upright and out of the road was enough, If he chooses to live his life through an alchohlic haze then I'm sure a few scrapes and a bit of blood are the least of his problems. I also think you did the right thing taking little Cody out of the way, she's far to young to see (and listen) to that kind of thing.
Bless you sweety. xxx

By the way, if you keep reading these funny blogs then your sure to LYAO which will help, won't it? Lol

16 Jul, 2009



thats great tip
need to read up on some funnys

cheers Ian

x x x

16 Jul, 2009


Any time..............:~)))

16 Jul, 2009


great you tried to help jen, its a hard suject on why people get to that point in their lives, but like you said we all have probs and deal with them, thats what proves we are stronger than we think, but unfortunatly some are not strong enough jen or dont have kind people or family to encourage them and before they can get a grip the drink or drugs or depresion takes over, its all very sad, life can be a bitch at times and we all hang on for the good times,some dont,, you did the right thing and had to also think of cody :o)

16 Jul, 2009


Hello again Jen, Do blueberry muffins contribute to BA syndrome? .......(Big As...)

16 Jul, 2009


It was good of you to help him Mookins , the only person who can really help him is himself, you got him safe though , as regards wispa scoffing , I find elasticated joggy bottoms help and then just have another wispa.

16 Jul, 2009


in regards to substance addictions...even the people with the addiction can't explain it. Some reach their bottom and decide they have had enough and are able to change their lifestyle via sheer will power or 12 step programs etc. Some never rid the thorn from their flesh. The KEY is the person with the problem has to be the one to solve the problem. We can't do it for them. What is important on our part is that we realise that we can't do it for them and we can't become a "co-dependent" We have to be strong enough to walk away as you did when you determined there was nothing life threatening.

You showed the appropriate compassion by checking on him and the appropriate wisdom leaving as you did. Job well done.

17 Jul, 2009


wow I honestly thought i would have daggers thrown at me for leaving him!!
you are so right Sandra, Mac and Kmccue my best friends dad is an alcoholic and verious mental health problems and she has always stuck by him until this year. She had her own problems to deal with and he forgot her birthday again and she told him straight enough is enough.
such a shame he is such a very clever, firendly chap used to make thousands weekly!!

x x x

17 Jul, 2009


Blueberry Muffins? cant say Ive ever had one but am willing to try and see if they contribute Ian


x x x

17 Jul, 2009


They are Lurrrrrrrrrvly but not as good as the double chocalate variety :~)))))))

17 Jul, 2009


well I just had a very healthy crusty bread roll filled with turkey and salad

elasticated joggers are on my shopping list feel such a chubba, can no longer do sit ups!! hubby was stunned and slightly scared looking!


x x x

17 Jul, 2009


The only time I do sit ups is to reach my coffee when I'm slouched in my chair LOL

17 Jul, 2009


I agree, the first rule in helping someone is to make sure you ( or your child) are in no danger.
that said, I'd have stopped too, but I dont have kids so would only have myself to worry about.
As for the chocolate, WTHN? (that means why the hell not?)

24 Jul, 2009


Good job Mookins. You did just the right thing.

But, do be careful when someone is bleeding. These days you never can be too careful when it comes to other people's bodily fluids (this includes the pee too). Especially if someone is an alcoholic or a drug addict. Hepatitis A, B and C and HIV are just a few of the dangers. I keep vinyl gloves in my car and a protective mask for safely giving mouth to mouth just in case.

As for the chocolate and munchies.....right on!! I hear they are going to make Wispa scoffing an Olympic're just in training. LOL

24 Jul, 2009


thanks peeps
appreciate everyones views, hubby told me off for possibly endangering Cody which is fair enough his daughter too

although assessing the situation he couldnt leave the floor let alone make a move for either of us
xx x

olympic sport you say?

keep an eye out for me in 2012 hehehehe

x x x

24 Jul, 2009

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