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Its a jungle out there...


By mookins


As I said back from a short but well deserved break to find that my garden is in full swing. Ive been out today and pulled a wweeks worth of weeds, my my how those little darlings grow and are very good at disguising them selves amongst others!!

A few pics for you as i love to show off and am VERY VERY PROUD of my gardens.

Dicentra Spectabilis Alba – White Bleeding Hearts

Dicentra Spectabilis – Pink Bleeding Hearts the last one to flower

French marigolds grown by me from seed

Queen Velvet Sunflower

Physostegia virginiana- Obedient plant

My Sidalcia was worried these were unhappy but thankfully they are proving my wrong

My Hostas first flower

Red Lillies

Loads more to show but havent the patience to wait for pics to upload….zzzzzzzzzz.

Hubby was over the moon yesterday, he spoyyed a snake in his wildlife puddle… I kid you not he said it looked similar to a grass snake, so probably is and ever since he spotted it he keeps popping out to check. We also have a huge family of frogs, various water beetles and some things that look like shrimps!! aswel as what hubby thinks may be a Karp/carp how fab is that!!

My borage has gone mental, its huge never new but the stems are bristly and feel like a bed of very fine pins. But the bees absolutely love it.
Hydranga first flowers and also salvia Hormonum this has spread wildly and looks fab

This little beauty has only recently started to flower, it was from my mother in law and she doesnt know the name so if anybody can tell me Il be happy to pass it on to her. Its grown from tall grasses/rushes type foliage if that makes sense and as you can see is this spectacular reddy orangey colour

well thats enough boasting from me my heads too big. will catch up on the other blogs and questions

x x x
its so good to be back

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Lovely photos Mookins, You have a right to be big headed your garden is great :~))

13 Jul, 2009


Thanks ian, hows you after your busy boarder digging. you both did really well

x x x

13 Jul, 2009


Oh we both doing really well, the border is getting fuller by the day and I think there MAY be another one on the way.
Glad to see you enjoyed your hols and sorry to here about your colds.
Carol says Hi.

13 Jul, 2009


Hi Carol :o)
feeling bit better today got to be strong hubby is dying on the sofa with Man flu!! hehe

maybe another border or will be one very soon hahaha

x x x

13 Jul, 2009


Beautiful flowers. You can feel very proud GOY official says so LOL

13 Jul, 2009


Hi it a type of crocosmia? I've got some the same & that's what I've always called it!
Your flowers are looking lovely. :0)

13 Jul, 2009


Oh I know all about man flu, Ian suffers terribly with it. Thankfully he goes to bed and sleeps all the time, no moaning and groaning. !! Carol

13 Jul, 2009


Here whats going on then? I turn my back for two minutes and I'm getting talked about, by my own wife !?!.....IAN

13 Jul, 2009


hi mookins it is a crocosmia, often called montbretia in the 'old days'.
have you moved the flowers on your obedient plant? each flower will move to where you put it, hence its name.

13 Jul, 2009


Hello carol, have to watch what i say now or you will be through the screen to get me!

13 Jul, 2009


No chance of that Sue, she has a very similar sense of humour and laughs as much as we do :~)))

13 Jul, 2009


great pics jen, lovely and i have some of then orange flowers called montbretia, spread like mad, always pulling them,

13 Jul, 2009


Montbretia, thats what I thought they were called, so it's crocosmia I'll have to remember that.

13 Jul, 2009


Lovely Mookins,you have every right to feel proud of your garden judging by those photo,s, I have crocosmia in loads of places,also have a larger one Lucifer which is red,a real beaut.Hubby,s pond sounds as though its doing well......

13 Jul, 2009


Thanks peeps
carol- wish my other half would just go to bed hes doin my head in
Thanks everyone for the name on the flower its so pretty the colour are like fire. Will be able to tell Mum in law the name tomorrow when we go for dinner. She will be well pleased shes been calling it pampas as she couldnt think of anything else suitable hehe
Linclass hubbys pond is just a crazy jungle of its own. It looks fab all wild and lary, quite a contrast against my cut grass and tidy borders!!

SBG I had read about the flower doing what ots made to do. Its currently in a lareg pot but if it is as well trained as its said to be I will move it see if I can get it to tap dance hehehehe

x x x

14 Jul, 2009


love those bleeding hearts For some reason I can not seem to keep them alive Yours looks very healthy

14 Jul, 2009

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