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Wildflower of the week 3- Valerian-Valerianaceae


By mookins


An ancient meedicinal herb, long been valued around the world

Persian, Chinese and Nordic herbalists used the roots. Whilst the Canadian Indian warriors used the similar V.sylvatica as a war wound antiseptic.

Apparently recent clinical trials in Brazil confirmed that Valerian was not only highly effectice in remedying insomnia but also could improve the sleep quality enjoyed.
Also shows great potential for the treatment of disorders caused by extreme anxiety.

Fresh Valerian root is said to smell of ancient leather BUT when dried its smell is of stale persperation!! (lovely smelly gym socks)
did you know… its old name V.phu, could also be the origin of the expression for a non likable scent!! (I usually say "eugh that stinks hehe)
Valerian is used even now to add the muskiness to perfumes. Very good for the vegetable patches as if its grown near by it boosts the growsth by stimulating the phosphorus and earthworm activity. UNFORTUNATLY the root smell also attracts casts and rats. the story goes that the Pied Piper of Hamlin carried some roots to attract the rats and his music was a decoy

the flower is a tiny pale pink/lilac shade in clusters that appear midsummer, seeds are light brown and shaped like tears and the leaves are quite narrow, toothed leaflets in dark green and gives off a strong scent like horseradish. Prefers damp grounds but can survive in dry ground.In sunny or light shaded areas.

Its a Hardy herbaceaous perennial and is between 2 and 5ft (60cms to 1.5meters)

The leaf is mineral rich and very good for adding to raw compost

photo has been borrowed

please note as with all medicinally used plants use with extreme care or dont use at all

tune in next week

x x x

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Thanks for the blog Mookins. Very interesting.

18 Jun, 2009


Thanks for the blog Mookins. Very interesting. I have used Valerian as a remedy for insomnia and found it works very well. The tablets smell very much like hay and are very large. I always felt like I was taking "horse pills". LOL

19 Jun, 2009


There's a lot of this in the hedgerow at the back of my garden.
When I had bad panic attacks a few yrs ago I took a valarian tablet. It made me feel more panicky so I didn't take any more. I still get bad panick attacks on occasions but I have my own way of dealing with them now.

19 Jun, 2009


what are casts please?

21 Jun, 2009


Do you know where I can get some??????
It sounds exactly the sort of thing I need.

Lovely blog as usual Mookins

H & K's.........Ian

22 Jun, 2009


Ian ~ They sell valerian tablets in the chemists over here in the "natural remedies" section. Don't know about the UK. They would have them in "Health Food" shops too but again I don't know if you have them over there.

Hywel ~ Have you tried chamomile tea for your panic attacks?

22 Jun, 2009


Casts- furry or non furry felines who have an incredible way of sulking!!
also known as cats, moggies,pussy cat and
FLEABAGS when they pooh in my garden hehehe

chamomile is excellent. I have some growng in my garden and smells divine and occasionally have the tea.

Ian just be careful that they dont cross with any medication you are already on hun. It says not to take whilst pregnant or breast feeding (dont think you need worry on that one) and never be used whilst taking other drugs that give sedative effcets. also not to be used when you need to have full concontration for at least 2 hours after ingesting valerian. Driving etc.

Hywel- as with a lot of medication sometimes you have to feel worse before you can get better, but am glad you are keeping your panics under control. what a horrible thing to have to go through.

x x x

22 Jun, 2009


Yes Horrible. I've been having them since I was a teenager.
Thanks Gilli. I do take Chamomile tea and St John's wort tablets. I find aromatherapy very good, and also doing Tai chi form.

22 Jun, 2009


Oooo....aromatherapy is very good. Lavender for relaxation. I can just imagine you doing your Tai Chi amongst the Welsh hills.....That must be wonderful.

23 Jun, 2009


Yes it is. lol.

23 Jun, 2009


Thanks for the warning, Mookins, I'll never let anything like that happen again, I hate popping pills to start with and I'm on 28 a day already.

H & K's..............Ian

24 Jun, 2009


blimey thats like father in law hes around that mark to
poorly old sole
each time he has a problem the docotors seem to just give him more pills

very unfair, any more pills and he will rattle

x x x

24 Jun, 2009


Give him my best regards Mookins I know exactly how he feels. Quite often, when I've been awake all night, Mrs. Digs brings me breakfast in bed but instead of bacon, eggs, sausage and all the works its Aspirin, Dihydracodine, simvastatin and a glass of water, Esomeprazole and......well you get the picture.
As for rattling, I think I could put a snake to shame, Its a running joke in our house, if Ian ever came upon a rattlesnake he'ed prob. frighten it away LOL

H & K's for another great blog


24 Jun, 2009

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